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  • Age Rating: All
  • Released By: Geneon Anime Music
  • MSRP: 14.98
  • Aspect Ratio: 52122
  • Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: Someday's Dreamers

Someday's Dreamers Original Soundtrack

By Tiffani Nadeau     July 31, 2005
Release Date: November 04, 2003

Someday's Dreamers Original Soundtrack
© Geneon Anime Music

What They Say
Don’t miss the sweet melodies that create the magical world of Someday’s Dreamer, an anime series being released in November 2003!

The Review!
4 out of 5

This CD comes with an eighteen-page insert. The first two pages are the song title list. The next two pages sport wonderful character pictures. Up next and spanning two pages is an interview with the composer/producer of the music Mr. Takefumi Haketa. The next two pages are song explanations by Mr. Haketa on why certain songs were used in certain areas, and what affects the music had on the story for those individual scenes. Up next is a beautiful picture of the city at sunset. Then a page with a beautiful watercolor rendition of the main character. On the next two pages is a continuation of the interview found earlier in the insert. Then two more pages to complete the song explanations. Up next is a full page with both the English and Japanese lyrics to the song Clear. And a page with both the English and Japanese lyrics to Under the Blue Sky. One page with the bio for Takefumi Haketa. And finally the last page, CD and series credits.

The musical choices in this one are interesting. There is definitely a European flair to the music, even sporting tracks that have distinct ethnic sounds to them. There is the classical European instrumental, a few with a more Celtic feel to them, and even a few numbers that have the feel of a Spanish sunset to them. The tracks manage to ground the listener in whatever mood you are in. If you listen to this one when already in a good mood, expect that mood to soar, however, if you listen while a little low, have those tissues ready. It is rare to find a collection of music that can float along peacefully with the different moods of the listener without destroying whatever mood they happen to be in, but this one accomplishes it. The downfall to this is, the music doesn’t invoke any type of emotion by itself. The ability to enhance emotion is a true gift of music, but it doesn’t replace the greater ability to make someone feel something just by listening. Overall a beautiful CD, with tried and true music that touches the emotional pallet of the listener, as long as the listener is already touched. The compositions are still beautiful in the way the melody is arranged and followed through with. Plus the great use of wind instruments and piano work is a tribute to a simpler time of music, but still it is lacking in that one area.

I’d have to say a lovely selection to listen to.

Fangboy says…Good, light, beautifully composed.

Where the Sky and the Earth Meet3:26Instrumental,Midnight Summer Dream3:33Instrumental ,Heart of Ice ~ After You’ve Left2:48Instrumental,Sunflower ~ Surrounded by the Wind of Light3:25Instrumental,Golden Sunlight1:26Instrumental,First Job1:53Instrumental,Friend1:24Instrumental,Memorable Service1:25Instrumental,Days of Pachanga0:52Instrumental,Home Country of a Water Imp1:34Instrumental,I Won’t Forget2:03Instrumental,Under the Moon Light1:30Instrumental,Breakfast ~ I’m Fine Today Too1:45Instrumental,PAIN1:39Instrumental,The Feeling is Magic3:00Instrumental,Hot Frenzy2:31Instrumental,Forever Straight1:02Instrumental,As a Human as a Witch2:43Instrumental,Our Future1:55Instrumental,Kidokorone ~ Doze1:43Instrumental,Destination of Magic1:32Instrumental,In Flower Language it is “Love”1:29Instrumental,Sweet Memories1:33Instrumental,“Sincerely”1:49Instrumental,Poem of Hope1:05Instrumental,Blue Sky Without a Cloud ~ No Trouble in the World1:50Instrumental,Clear (the Indigo)3:48Vocal (Japanese),UNDER THE BLUE SKY (the Indigo / TV Edit)1:37Vocal (Japanese),Eye Catch (Version 1)0:15Instrumental,Eye Catch (Version 2)0:11Instrumental,Eye Catch (Version 3)0:11Instrumental,Eye Catch (Version 4)0:08Instrumental,Eye Catch (Version 5)0:09Instrumental,Eye Catch (Version 6) 0:08Instrumental,Eye Catch (Version 7)0:08Instrumental,Eye Catch (Version 8) 0:11Instrumental,Eye Catch (Version 9)0:13Instrumental

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Total CD Length: 57:54


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