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Something for Nothing

Free the Toys

By Andrew Kardon     May 09, 2002

So last weekend, comic shops across the country participated in FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. Neat concept, especially if you like comics and free stuff. (And hey, who doesn't like free stuff?) Seemed like a really big hit, and hopefully helped bring more fans into a fun industry. But what I wanna know is: where the heck is FREE TOY DAY?

C'mon, toys are much more mainstreamable (for lack of a real word) than comics. There's no kid alive who doesn't like a toy. So if toy companies really wanted to sink their teeth into new, customers, they should start giving out some of their wares for nuthin'. Heck, it'd definitely help get more folks into specialty comic shops as well.

So consider this a request, nay a challenge, to all you collector-friendly toy companies out there. The McFarlanes. The Playmates. The DC Directs. Heck, even you mainstream yahoos like Hasbro and Mattel can join the party. Let's start a FREE TOY DAY, and give something back to the folks who thrive on playing with movable plastic thingies.

Okay, so toys are a bit more expensive than comics to produce, so it'd never fly, right? Well, if companies just do simple paint variants of existing figures, without any real packaging (they could wrap the things in Saran Wrap for crying out loud), that should help keep costs way down. So help join the crusade for, free stuff and tell your favorite toy companies to start giving till it hurts. After all, this is America dammit.

Paid for by a non-refundable, non-traceable grant from the Coalition of Crazed Collectors in Favor of Grabbing Anything and Everything Free in Life.


There are some pretty scary things in store for McFarlane Toys. Yep, the monstrously terrific toy company is producing a set of 12" exclusive TORTURED SOULS figures. Based on the 2001 line of spooky Clive Barker figures, collectors can expect four of the original six creepoids to get the big treatment. AGONISTES, THE SCYTHE-MEISTER, VENAL ANATOMICA and TALISAC are the four currently planned for an October release. Specific price and retailers are still being discussed, though fans can expect to shell out around 40 or 50 clams (or dollars, if that's the currency you're used to) for each super-limited, super-sized figure.


Speaking of horrific playsets, Mezco's RESERVOIR DOGS WAREHOUSE SCENE PLAYSET is due out this month. It's not that the playset and figures themselves are's the subject matter itself. Based on what's easily the most disturbing movie scene evernext to TAXI DRIVER's dentistry scene, that isthis latest diorama playset lets fans re-enact the torture sequence between Mr. Blonde and poor, poor Marvin Nash. The set includes two new figures, a straight edge razor (for the figures, not you!), gasoline can, duct tape and a table, all within a warehouse diorama complete with base. Actual mutilation and "Stuck in the Middle" soundtrack not included.



If you're a member of the McFarlane Toys Collector's Club you can get your grubby paws on a pretty sharp exclusive. (And if you're not a member, go sign up on their site. It's free.) The latest exclusive to the Club is a repaint of DARK AGES: SAMURAI WARS LOTUS WARRIOR. Standing 6 ½ inches tall, this sexy-yet-savage repaint features LOTUS with bare legs, a new tattoo, new armor color and updated paint highlights.




POKEMON cards? Sooo last year. PITFALL for the Atari 2600?'re off by a few decades, buddy. Today's gamers are hot and heavy for WizKids' newest miniatures-game sensation: MARVEL HEROCLIX. With kick-ass little miniatures of Marvel's coolest characters, players can set the HULK against the SILVER SURFER in mega battle. Even cooler, these puppies are collectible meaning you won't have the foggiest nelson who's inside a pack when you buy 'em. Check them out at collectible stores everywhere.


Go Figure is our weekly Toys and Action Figure column.


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