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  • Age Rating: All
  • Region: All Region DVD
  • Released By: ADV Music
  • MSRP: 14.98
  • Aspect Ratio: CSO002
  • Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: Sonic Soldier Borgman

Sonic Soldier Borgman Soundtrack: Lover's Rain

By Tiffani Nadeau     March 21, 2004
Release Date: December 09, 2003

Sonic Soldier Borgman Soundtrack: Lover's Rain
© ADV Music

What They Say
Music composed by Takashi Tsushimi, Hiromoto Tobisawa, Kouji Makaino, and Kaoru Oohori. Lyrics by Keiji Mizutani and Ryu Sawaji. Vocal performances by Kouichi Yamadera, Hiroshi Koide, Yoshino Takamori, and Yasunori Matsumoto.

The Review!
3 out of 5
Music found in the Borgman series.

This CD comes with a three-page insert. The first two pages have advertisements for upcoming ADV soundtracks. The third page lists credits for the CD.

Composers Takashi Tsushimi, known for his work in Ninja Cadets and Hiromoto Tobisawa, who worked on Captain Tsubasa have lent themselves to making the instrumentals that make up this CD. The instrumentals much like the vocals and instrumentals of the first CD have a distinct 80s feel to them (understandable for a show that came out in 1989), and can only be classified as rock. All I could think of as some of the instrumentals played out was sitting at a "Winger" concert, waiting for the singer to come on stage. Although this one had a few ballads that had more of a "Kenny G" feel to them, it was much more of a ballad CD than the first one.

The vocals have that same 80s feel to them. This one, however, had a slower more soft rock feel to it that the first CD. With songs being sung by many famous Japanese voice actors including Kouichi Yamadera also known as Spike from Cowboy Bebop, Hiroshi Koide who played many Borgman characters, Yoshino Takamori as Anice in Borgman, and Yasunori Matsumoto you may recall as Boz from Hellsing or Nakano from Gravitation. Much like the first soundtrack for this series, the vocals are a bit lacking in the power of some of those old 80s tunes that still grace the radio stations today and can be slightly dated. These too aren't what I would call memorable in any way other than as set ups for scenes or backgrounds, but they do keep you interested long enough to get to the instrumentals that really make this CD good.

I'd have to say more 80s, and more, and more.

Prayer for Tomorrow (Midnight Run)3:10Vocal (Japanese) ,Friendship3:48Instrumental ,Lonesome Rain2:50Instrumental , A Rose in the Right Hand4:25Vocal (Japanese),Sweet Anice2:44Instrumental,Look Back on Memory2:57Instrumental,Be a Young Man5:52Vocal (Japanese),Rain, Rain, Rain4:29Vocal (Japanese),Tensional Eyes3:11Instrumental ,Feel Something Ghostly1:27Instrumental ,Silent Flames3:39Instrumental ,Fight to the End3:10Instrumental,Lovers Tomorrow2:49Instrumental,Our Cove (Yes, I Love You)4:10Vocal (Japanese)

Review Equipment
Total CD Length: 48:41


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