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Sonnenfeld Stressed By MIIB Shoot

By Rob M. Worley     July 10, 2002

Although MenIn Black II is doing great at the box office, the production of the filmwas not without its costs. Director Barry Sonnenfeld told TVGuide that making the sequel, which came with much higher expectations thanthe first, was a stress-filled exercise that jeopardized his health.

"We wereshooting one night [last June] and things were going particularly bad,"Sonnenfeld told TV Guide. "I went to my [trailer] to meditate and myarm went totally asleep, all of my fingers went cold and I couldn't feelanything under my armpit. Then, my chest [felt] like someone was blowing aballoon up in it."

The director wastaken to the hospital. Although he did not suffer a heart-ailment as feared, hisstress levels were problematic. Sonnenfeld told the magazine that his health was"compromised by the fear and tension and anxiety that was put on me byeveryone being nervous that the movie wasn't going to make any money. I'll neverbe okay as long as I live. I've still got sciatica."


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