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Sony Exploring Men In Black III

By Rob M. Worley     January 02, 2003

Hollywood can'tresist a good sequel and even a lackluster retread like Men in Black IIcan get studio suits talking if the box office is big enough. Now TVGuide Online reports that Sony is interested in doing a Men in BlackIII.

"The studiowants one," franchise producer Walter Parkes told the Guide."We're trying to figure out the auspices of it and what to do to freshenthat franchise up a little bit."

While MiB2has been consistently credited as one of the key contributors to Sony'srecord-setting year, Parkes admits that any sequel would have to go furthercreatively that this summer's installment did. "It was a heartbreakingthing," Parkes said. "There were many disagreements among thedifferent principals, and what came out was not a movie worthy of thefranchise."

At this pointany sequel project can only be said to be in the talking stages. Neitherfranchise's leading men nor its director have committed to doing another one.


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