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Review Reviewed by Release Date
Astro Boy (2003) Complete Collection03-29-2005
Blood the Last Vampire DVD ReviewTim Janson-
Blood+ Collection 1Chris Beveridge03-04-2008
Blood+ Collection 2Chris Beveridge10-20-2009
Blood+ Vol. #01Mark Thomas03-04-2008
Blood+ Vol. #02Mark Thomas06-10-2008
Blood+ Vol. #03Mark Thomas10-21-2008
Blood+ Vol. #04Mark Thomas01-27-2009
Cowboy Bebop Movie: Knocking On Heaven's DoorChris Beveridge06-24-2003
Cowboy Bebop Movie: Knocking On Heaven's DoorDavid Rehfeldt06-24-2003
Cyborg 009 Vol. #0102-03-2004
Cyborg 009: Good vs. Evil02-03-2004
Cyborg 009: The Battle Begins02-03-2004
Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children John Eriani05-02-2006
Final Fantasy 7: Advent ChildrenDani Moure04-24-2006
Final Fantasy VII: Advent ChildrenChris Beveridge04-25-2006
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children CompleteChris Beveridge06-02-2009
MemoriesDani Moure06-21-2004
MemoriesChris Beveridge02-24-2004
MetropolisPaulo Vinícius Wolski Radtke04-23-2002
MetropolisKristopher Zoleta04-23-2002
MetropolisChris Beveridge04-23-2002
PaprikaJennifer Rocks11-27-2007
PaprikaBryce Coulter11-27-2007
PaprikaDani Moure09-24-2007
PaprikaChris Beveridge06-20-2007
Sky CrawlersLuis Cruz05-26-2009
Sky CrawlersChris Beveridge05-26-2009
Steamboy (also w/gift set)Chris Beveridge07-26-2005
Steamboy (Regular Edition)03-27-2006
Steamboy: Director's Cut (Limited Edition)03-27-2006
Street Fighter II07-01-1997
Tekkon KinkreetChris Beveridge09-25-2007
Tekkon KinkreetBryan Morton01-07-2008
Tekkon KinkreetBryan Morton09-25-2007
Tokyo GodfathersChris Beveridge04-13-2004
Tokyo GodfathersDani Moure09-13-2004
Tokyo Godfathers Limited Edition Deluxe Box SetDani Moure02-14-2005


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Title Announced At Announced On
Cowboy Bebop Movie : Knocking on Heaven\'s DoorPress Release
MetropolisPress Release
Blood+Anime News Service01/23/2006
MemoriesCowboy Bebop DVD (DVD rights confirmation)06/13/2003
Steam BoyCowboy Bebop DVD (DVD rights confirmation)06/13/2003
Cyborg 009Diamond Previews confirms home video license/release for series09/17/2003