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Sony STR-DE935 Receiver

    April 04, 2002

Sony STR-DE935 Receiver
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The Review!
Sony STR-DE935 Receiver/Amplifier

Review by: Thomas C Kinnen

Since it my previous A/V receiver was pushing 10 years I decided for Christmas this year I would start upgrading my home theater system. The first thing on my hit list was a new Amplifier/Receiver. My requirements were Dolby Digital 5.1, S-Video, and at least four sets of A/V inputs. The STR-DE935 was able to meet all of these and added DTS also. Setup was a breeze using the two way remote and all was up and running within about one and a half hours (included setting up new speakers and remounting all the components in the rack). The only disappointment was that while the display tag and sales person both said there were 4 S-Video connections they both failed to mention it was two in and two out and not four in/out pairs. Also featured in addition to the internal multi-channel decoder is a separate 5.1 input jacks that can be assigned to any of the video in connections.

Connections for the unit are as follows:

Video 1: A/V In/Out, and S-Video In/Out
Video 2: A/V In/Out
Video 3: A/V In (Front Panel)
DVD/LD : A/V In, S-Video In, Coax In, and Optical In
TV/SAT : A/V In, and Optical In
Tape : Audio In/Out
MD/DAT : Audio In/Out, and Optical In/Out
Tape : Audio In
Phono : Audio In

Monitor Out: S-Video and RCA connector
2nd Audio (Monitor): RCA connectors

Some of the nicer features of the amp are as follows. For sources with multiple possible audio inputs you are allowed to set a preferred order for the amp to use when multiple choices exist. Two way remote with back light display and glow in the dark buttons. A number of surround sound fields in addition to Dolby Surround, Dolby Pro-Logic, Dolby Digital and DTS that create additional virtual speakers and mimic various Sony theaters (28 in all).

The drawbacks of the unit that I found include that the S-Video was on a separate bus and not crossed over to the video jacks so you can not directly record from a S-video source to a non S-Video VCR. It's also annoying at times to keep changing the TV from S-Video to Video as I change what format I'm watching. By the same token the same is true for Digital and Analog audio jacks. While the DVD optical and Coax jacks support up to 96Khz sampling the others only go to 48 kHz.

Overall after a month of using the STR-DE935 I'm very happy with it and it was a good buy for the dollar. I'd rate it about a 7 on a 1-10 scale.

See the receiver at Sony's site


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