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Kouji Tamino 4/12/2010 10:44:43 AM


Yay! Making generalizations about shows we obviously haven't seen are fun! Even if what you said was true, who are you to judge? Soul Eater is a show geared towards kids, so of course it isn't the most complex thing out there. Despite that, though, it's a very fun show.

Calibur454 4/12/2010 5:06:43 PM

well put kouji tamino

I may be 37 now  and even I know that Soul Eater is geared toward kids but that doesn't stop me from watching something that is fun

Muenster 4/12/2010 7:06:54 PM

Most anime is crap, save for maybe 10%. The stories suck. The characters are cliched. The acting is getting worse. It's no wonder young Japanese people don't want to procreate anymore. They have come to realize that they are selfish, whiny, materialistic, boring, slaves to fads and youth culture. Every wonder why most stories involve school, childish behavior, loss of memory, stupid, outmoded, crazy, illogical japanese codes of honor, and or having someone to protect? It's because the best days of the animators, manga artists, and Japan as a whole are behind them. So they cling to the past in a bizarre narcissitic daze. Don't even get me started on the idiotic Japanes'isms they force upon foreign historical based storylines and characters. (They used to get that job right.)

I've been a fan of international animation, including anime long before you were born Kouji. There has been a very steep decline in originality and fun from since the early 90's with regards to the Japanese product. Even when they try to put out something epic and new, it usually comes off as pseudo-intellectual, pretentious, showy, and lacking substance worth remembering. There's no denying it. One thing is certain, and I do have to admire the truly amazing, but stifling quantity of animation the Japanese release these days. Guess it's becoming harder to find that diamond in the rough.

Kouji Tamino 4/14/2010 1:23:58 AM

...How is any of that relevant? Soul Eater isn't trying to be something it's not, it's actually a fairly tongue-in-cheek series that doesn't take itself completely seriously. Oh, and don't pull the "long before you were born" card, either. It doesn't make my opinions any less valid and only makes you look like you're grasping for straws. There was no reason for you to go into your little rant, other than to rail against newer anime series. The age of the show doesn't matter to me. I watch what I enjoy.

Also, at one point you go into this really bizzare rant about "Japanese'isms" which just left me befuddled. I suggest that you watch high quality series from the past decade like 'Emma' (late 19th century England) and 'Bacanno!' (Prohibition Era New York), which have nary a "Japanes'ism" to be found. The former is especially impressive, in that the original creator did painstaking research into the subject due to her love of that historical era.

While I won't argue that anime seems to have hit a bit of a slump, you seem to be under the impression that anime as a whole was better in the 'good old days'. That's simply not true. Every era has its gems and stinkers, and some eras are better than others. In fact, the early 90's was the tail end of a sort of 'Golden Age' of anime, but even that era had its garbage. Just take one look at the list of trashy, mindlessly violent, mysogonistic drivel that came from the late 80's.

And again, why bring any of this up on the comments page of a review of a shounen series? I can probably count the number of kids shows from any given decade with any actual substance on one hand. I wouldn't expect Death Note or Dragon Ball to have the same depth as Monster or Berserk, but I would expect characters in a kid's show to, well, act childishly. Doesn't mean I still don't get a bit of childish glee while watching the more entertaining ones.

Muenster 4/15/2010 2:44:42 AM

Ok ok ok... I agree with you, I may have been too harsh, but being the fan of animation I am, I am just not seeing much good coming out Japan lately. (I actually liked Baccano and Emma, but they are exceptions to the case... Speaking of which check out the references to Boccano in current show "Dullalala"). Beleive me, there were no shortage of stinkers from the 70's and 80's, just not as many, but that probably has more to do with the comparison of quantity and volume of animation between then and now.

Even though "The Golden Age of Anime" may have peaked in the early 90's, the mid and late 90's did give us Cowboy BeBop, Trigun, and others which came with some very good soundtracks as well. Yoko Kanno and all of her associates were pure genius, but as I stated earlier, it's getting harder to find a that diamond-in-the-rough which I should have added has that "cross-generational" appeal that seems to be getting lost in the mix.

Not to say that ALL of it is bad... I still get a kick out of watching the lil' kids stuff every now and then, and ever since my 6 year old nephew now spends most weekends at my house we never miss Bakugan.




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