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South Park- Coming to an end?

4/22/2010 10:47:02 AM permalink

I'll say this up front- I am a huge South Park fan. I have every single tv season in my personal collecdtion.

South Park is no stranger to contraversy. However this latest escapde may mark the end for the small mountain town of Colorado. The recent backlash from a muslim extremist group making death threats towards the shows creaters and not to mention the people at comedy central who are involved with the show have put everyone on edge.

South Park is slated (at least for now ) for 15 seasons. and in recent interviews both Matt and Trey say they wouldn't be doing this type of show in their 50's They have also talked about how the show would end. After the last season there would be one more movie released for the big screen and then that woulde be the end. With no recent announcements being made of renewed contracts fans are begining to wonder if the end is truely near for the show.

I honestly find it very odd that in an earlier episode of the tv series - The Super  Best Friends- the muslim prohet was portrayed without any censorship of any kind (even in reruns) and now since the newspaper strip incident that poked fun of the prophet Comedy central refuses to even let the prohets name be said. In episode 201 everytime the muslim prophets name is said it comes with a censored bleep. Even the famous lesson learned speech was completly censored out. ( However rumours are circulating that Matt and Trey did that one themselves as a joke.

Looking at both shows 200 and 201 it would seem that Matt and Trey have begun to see the writing on the wall. Many old story lines have been tied off-

Cartman discovered who his father really is- (one heck of a good story in itself)

Some Charachters that havent seen air time in years have reapeared- Poor Pip managed to get squashed (literally) by the upgraded mecha striesand.  Scott Tenerman the kid who's parents were killed by eric cartman reapeared in a big way to become a new villian for the boys. Dr. Mephesto came out of hiding to show us he is still obsessed with how many asses that can be added onto an animal.

And in 2 half hour shows south park managed to poke fun at just about everything and everyone in pop culture that they have touched on before in the past 14 years. Even giving us a funny suprise ending for our favorite fudge packer- (I just couldn't resist that one) Tom Cruise.

It would seem that things are winding down for a complete wrap up but then again- THIS IS SOUTH PARK. Matt and Trey really havent commented on anything as of yet since the airing of 201 and the death threats made against them.

I hope I am wrong about my worries. I hope South Park does get renewed for a few more seasons.





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StarlightGuard 4/22/2010 11:26:34 AM

I love South Park as well...and though I've heard of the controversy, I think it'd only good for them -- they could devote an entire season to the fallout itself, even have episodes where radical Muslims come after them searching for the boys' creators and such.

But, honestly, it seem the Park has been showing its age in recent seasons. I won't call for its cancellation, but it wouldn't hurt the guys to put the show down and focus on the odd movie here and there.

Hobbs 4/23/2010 1:56:02 PM

I think they will finish out the 15...I know Trey and Matt are probably not happy with Comedy Central but they usually get their revenege on making fun of people so watch for them to do it in future episodes to Comedy Central.

The whole Muslim thing has got to stop and I commend the boys for saying the hell with it and shame on comedy central for the censorship.  I think if all of America drew an offending picture of Muhumid we might just anger the terrorist enough that they would want to kill us all...oh yeah, that's right.  They already want to.

Haven't watched 201 yet but its on the DVR.


StarlightGuard 4/23/2010 6:29:27 PM

I once drew a picture of Jesus inappropriately touching (gasp) the Holy Grail....well a copy of Monty Python and the Holy Grail...



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