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Blu-Ray release

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SOUTHLAND TALES due out on Blu-Ray

New release contains complete prequel Graphic Novel

By Rob M. Worley     October 24, 2008

SOUTHLAND TALES Blu-Ray disc art
© Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

'Southland Tales' is, among other things, a film tethered to the world of comics by virtue of the fact that director Richard Kelly decided to launch the first half of the story in graphic novel format.

Now, the movie is due out on Blu-Ray disc from Sony Pictrures Home Entertainment which will include the complete graphic novel among its extras (although in digital form only, apparently).

Here's the press release announcing the Blu-Ray release:

Culver City, Calif.  – Sony Pictures Home Entertainment proudly announces the High Definition Blu-ray Disc release of the black comedy, 'Southland Tales' on November 18, 2008 for the SRP of $28.95.  Written and directed by Richard Kelly, known for his unconventional apocalyptic stories ('Donnie Darko'), 'Southland Tales' depicts Los Angeles at the epicenter of social, economic and environmental disaster set over the course of a three day heat wave just before a huge 4th of July celebration.  This film features a colorful ensemble cast including Dwayne Johnson (Boxer Santaros) as an action star who is suffering from amnesia; Sarah Michelle Gellar (Krysta Now) as an adult film star; Seann William Scott (Roland Taverner) as a Hermosa Beach police- officer-cum-revolutionary, along with cameos from Justin Timberlake, Kevin Smith, Amy Poehler, Mandy Moore, Jon Lovitz, Bai Ling and Janeane Garofalo.

'Southland Tales' special features include a “USIDent TV: Surveilling the Southland" featurette, “This is the Way the World Ends" animated short, commentary with writer/director Richard Kelly and Southland Tales: The Prequel Saga graphic novel gallery enabling viewers to experience a multi-media presentation of the entire Southland Tales saga.

Southland Tales Synopsis:

On July 4, 2008, Los Angeles is on the verge of a nuclear winter after a toxic explosion in Texas sparks a full-scale war between the U.S., the Middle East and North Korea.  The PATRIOT Act now has absolute power and a new agency known as US-IDent has been created, which is in charge of censoring the Internet and using fingerprints in order to access computers and bank accounts.  In the midst of this turmoil, Boxer Santaros (Dwayne Johnson) and his girlfriend, porn star Krysta Now (Sarah Michelle Gellar), have written a screenplay about the end of the world.  To prepare for the film, Santaros goes for a ride-a-long with a cop named Taverner (Seann William Scott) who, unbeknownst to him, is actually Taverner’s twin brother (also played by Seann William Scott) and part of a revolutionary Marxist group determined to take over the government.  To add to the mayhem, Santaros’ script catches the eye of wealthy entrepreneur Baron von Westphalen (Wallace Shawn) who is the creator of a wave-generated source of energy known as Instant Karma. As the real-world havoc begins to collide with fictional Hollywood filmmaking, the film builds to its explosive climax and the various disjointed plot strands are brilliantly sewn together.

Blu-ray Disc Bonus Features

  • Featurette - "USIDent TV: Surveilling the Southland"
  • Animated Short - "This is the Way the World Ends"
  • BD-exclusive: Commentary with Writer and Director Richard Kelly
  • Southland Tales: The Prequel Saga  Graphic Novel Gallery

'Southland Tales' is written and directed by Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko); produced by Bo Hyde  (executive producer of The Hunting Party), Kendall Morgan (Mail Order Wife), Matthew Rhodes  (The Beautiful Ordinary) and Sean McKittrick (Donnie Darko); executive produced by Ernst August Schnieder, Jim Seibel, Judd Payne, Katarina Hyde and Oliver Hengst. The film stars Dwayne Johnson (Gridiron Gang), Seann William Scott (The Promotion), Sarah Michelle Gellar ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer"), Mandy Moore (Saved!), Jon Lovitz (The Benchwarmers), Wallace Shawn (Kit Kittredge: An American Girl), John Larroquette (Kill Your Darlings), Justin Timberlake (Alpha Dog), Bai Ling (The Gene Generation), Kevin Smith ("Clerks" and Clerks II), Amy Poehler ("Saturday Night Live") and Janeane Garofalo (The Guitar).

Southland Tales is rated R for language, violence, sexual material and some drug content, and has a run time of 144 minutes.


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gr689 10/25/2008 10:01:20 PM

I could never finish watching this movie. Nothing I mean nothing appealing about it!

Whiskeymovie 10/25/2008 10:20:48 PM

This movie is awesome on its own, but if you read the graphic novels before you see the movie, it makes a lot more sense. I will be buying this on bring on Repo: The Genetic Opera.



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