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'Southland' wins festival love

    November 13, 2007
Source: www.scifi.com

SCI FI WIre reports that 'Southland' tales earned a redemption of sorts when it screened at the at the end of the AFI FEST on November 11th. The film has become somewhat infamous for the chilly reaction it received at year's Cannes Film Festival. SCI FI reports:

Crowds applauded at the ending of Southland Tales, which was revamped after an early cut was poorly received at Cannes. Now opening in limited release on Nov. 14, the film stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, Seann William Scott and Dwayne Johnson. The political satire takes place during an Independence Day celebration. Johnson plays an actor stricken with amnesia; Gellar is a porn starlet who finds him, and Scott is a police officer involved in a vast conspiracy.

The two week long AFI FEST featured 'Southland Tales' as part or a series of science fiction and genre-related films.


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