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Spending Xmas with an Xbox?

Or does your Santa prefer a Gamecube or PS2?

By Troy Roberts and James Stevenson     December 19, 2003

The last few weeks have been busy ones for Troy and James, and in this week's Gamers' Thumb they have decided to share with everyone what has been going on, and also wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

The closer it gets to Christmas the lazier I get it seems. Seriously, during the year I can normally be found at the gym five days a week,


everything is normally clean and I normally don't have clothes lying around the house. Unfortunately, it is near Christmas and everything is just the opposite. During the month of December, I can normally be found plopped down in front of a TV somewhere with at least one game system always on. With all of these games on my desk, you would think I'd be playing one of them. Nope! Although I should spend my free time playing through the stack of games I have, I've been spending my time on STAR WARS GALAXIES (trying to become a Jedi, no less) or playing through the owner mode on MADDEN 2004 (which is simply addictive). And even though last week I said FINAL FANTASY TACTICS was the more infuriating game I've ever played, I picked it up again this week and love to hate it. Troy


The past three weeks have been living hell for me as I attempt to complete multiple major projects that take a ridiculous amount of time. I swear, one project for one class

STAR WARS: KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC is one of this holiday's bestsellers.

took more time than I studied during my entire high-school career. Nevertheless, I have had some time to enjoy ARMED AND DANGEROUS in the lull between projects and finals week - the game is quite enjoyable and has a great sense of humor. In addition to that, RATCHET AND CLANK: GOING COMMANDO is fabulous, and made my holiday season. I've also been going through the Third Season of SOUTH PARK on DVD, and this week I made it to a TRILOGY TUESDAY, watching FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, THE TWO TOWERS and RETURN OF THE KING in one day. It was awesome. All in all, my holiday season has been a blast, and I'm looking forward to some time off in order to catch up on game playing. - James


GRAND THEFT AUTO is coming to the Game Boy Advance... DUKE NUKEM FOREVER has been pushed to 2005... Take-Two was notified that the SEC will take legal action against it... Rockstar will publish Capcom's canceled RED DEAD REVOLVER... Sony is working on a new APE ESCAPE title... KIRBY's newest game will hit the Game Boy Advance sometime next year... FIGHT CLUB has been announced by

ARX FATALIS is an immersive fantasy RPG for the Xbox.

Vivendi Universal...


Being the week of Christmas, this is one of the dead weeks for the video game industry. But, there are still a couple of games coming out. ARX FATALIS arrives for the Xbox, and DEER HUNTER is released for the Playstation 2. Have a great Christmas!

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