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What They Say

December 18, 2011
Release Date: October 11, 2006

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An anime concerning itself with the aftermath of WWII Japan, although a very fictionalized account, a nation torn asunder and struggling to pull itself back together. The film is essentially about some soldiers, stragglers trying to get back to their main line, taking along with them some female civilians they found along the way.

The soldiers seem to like seducing/raping these women while trying to get back home, and these scenes aren't too bad, although there have been many others that were done much better in movies I have seen before.

What really turned me off about this film however, is that after each seduction scene, a sniper takes out the girl with a bullet to the head. I mean, bang! That's it! No more sex scenes with her! Duh! And every time a soldier has his way with one of them, bang! Down goes another one! Not only does this eliminate the ability to continue the fun by perhaps having another scene with her later on, but the shocking end of it all after this viewer's blood heated up watching such a hot scene really completely froze my blood cold and it took a long while to get it going again. I found no real desire to continue watching this film after seeing the second assassination.

Also, there is no cage anywhere in either film, so don't let the title mislead you. If you were looking forward to perhaps seeing two girls in a cage, look elsewhere. It is simply an army unit dragging some girls around, using them, and watching helplessly as they get shot in the head after they are used.

And again, the anime, although alright, is nothing spectacular, and is quite dark most of the time, as though to represent the mood of the film, and the fact that most of the film is shown either at night or during foul weather.

Personally, I cannot recommend this movie to anyone except those who truly enjoy snuff films hentai style.

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