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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Official Teaser Trailer (Article) - 4/18/2015 12:31:21 PM

In 2016 you will believe... that a Superman movie can depress you.

STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Teaser #2 (Article) - 4/18/2015 12:28:54 PM

Compare the excitement this teaser elicits to the misery-inducing life-suck of the Batman V Superman trailer.

MARVEL%u2019S Latest ANT-MAN Trailer (Article) - 4/14/2015 10:07:40 AM

They really seem to have the right tone for this movie. I'm now pumped for it. My only reservation is whether Rudd is on the Marvel train for the long haul. Surely they got a multi-movie deal out of him,, he just doesn't seem to be the type to stick with a franchise. But what do I know...

DAREDEVIL Transformation Motion Poster (Article) - 4/10/2015 11:26:27 AM

Nice teaser. Just the thing to get me ready for the show's arrival.

Goodbye Maniacs (Article) - 2/15/2015 11:04:29 AM

One more thing: So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Goodbye Maniacs (Article) - 2/15/2015 6:29:59 AM

What DarkXid said goes for me also. Guess I'll have to look for a new site. Blech.

It's been a good run, will miss everyone...

Jupiter Ascending Soundtrack Review (Article) - 2/1/2015 8:33:00 PM

I'm now interested in the soundtrack even if I'm not interested in the movie. I'll have to check it out.

LEGO Reveals Avengers The SHIELD Helicarrier (Article) - 1/30/2015 1:31:49 PM

If I were going to drop that much on a Lego set it would be the Deathstar, not this.

Mission: Impossible 5 Moves Up Release Date (Article) - 1/27/2015 1:07:17 PM

Should be a nice bit of whip cream to top off the summer.

Fantastic Four: Official Teaser Trailer (Article) - 1/27/2015 1:05:53 PM

Very much Ultimate FF. Solid teaser. I guess Fox is trying to assure us that the movie isn't as crappy as we're all afraid it will be.


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