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EXISTS - Trailer (Article) - 10/2/2014 3:32:34 PM

What sanity said.

TAKEN 3 - Exclusive Trailer (Article) - 10/1/2014 9:03:16 AM

Taken 8: Taken...To The Nursing Home

TAKEN 3 - Exclusive Trailer (Article) - 9/30/2014 10:20:22 AM

After the lackluster sequal, I didn't think we needed another. I still don't. But at least it looks liek there's a little mroe to the story than last time.

Jupiter Ascending - Trailer #3 (Article) - 9/25/2014 12:35:14 PM

There is nothing about this movie that makes me think it will be good. Pretty much everything about it makes me think it will stink like 3 day old road kill. Unless I hear great revies about it, I probably won't even watch it when it comes out at Redbox.

NEW Flash Trailer for Premiere (Article) - 9/25/2014 12:32:04 PM

I agree qith ElBaz. This looks great. I may not even give Gotham a shot knowing this show is coming.

Blackhat - Official Trailer (Article) - 9/25/2014 12:29:26 PM

Looks intriguing. I especially like that they didn't give away the entire plot.

Star Wars: Episode VII - HUNKA JUNK Video Clip (Article) - 9/19/2014 11:24:52 AM

In an underground prison that knows only darkness, an assembles group of desperate souls chants around a pit. Their voices become shouts: "Rise! Rise! Rise!"

Slowly, a form takes shape in the pit. It is the form of a man, but only waist tall. It speaks: "Returned to save the franchise I have."

Doctor Strange - Official Release Date Announced (Article) - 9/17/2014 1:48:35 PM

I hope Marvel is smart & goes with an unknown.

The 'Burbs Steelbook Blu-ray Review (Article) - 9/17/2014 9:10:05 AM

Man am I excited for this. I've always loved this movie. Picked it up last year cheap on DVD b/c I wanted to see it again & was not dissappointed. I've introduced other people to The Burbs. I wil absolutely pick this up for all the extra features. This was Tom Hanks at he comedic genius best.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Blu-ray Review (Article) - 9/11/2014 9:40:46 AM

I was also dissapointed in the lack of a BR/DVD combo & the dearth of special features. As to the lack of a one shot, I'll say this. Marvel really seems to be operating on the basis of creativity. If there is a creative impetus for something, like a one shot, they do it. If there isn't, then they don't force it. That's my take at least.


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