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DVD Shopping Bag: Family Guy: Something Something Something Dark Side Blu-ray (Article) - 12/29/2009 4:43:46 AM

I say no to Blu-Ray. This will sound weird, but when I see Blu-Ray movies playing in stores demonstrating the amazing picture quality, I don't like them. The visual seems less real than DVD.

Also, I have a fine DVD player & refuse to buy something new until I have to. If that means the economy collapses because I won't spend money on things I don't need, then let the economy collapse. You hear that polliticians?  Oops, I started preaching. sorry.

Jennifer's Body DVD Review (Article) - 12/18/2009 8:40:16 AM

You are wrong, Fox does not deserve better than this.

The Future of Comics: DC%u2019s EARTH ONE (Article) - 12/18/2009 8:27:43 AM

JMS cut loose from continuity is a dream come true. Quessadillia insisting on JMS forcing his stories into the current "event" is what made him leave his awsome Spidey & Thor runs. Maybe DiDio will leave him be & just let him do his amazing stuff. I am pumped for this book. And I'll pick up the Batman one also.

Mania's Top 10 Films of 2009 (Article) - 12/16/2009 4:56:00 AM

Star Trek was not better than District 9. D9 had original special effects, not just flashy ones. D9 had a compelling story & character development. ST had a bunch of pretty 20-something people with angst. I could go on. I liked Star Trek well enough, but District 9 blew it out of the water in every way I can imagine.

Summit Leads VLAD (Article) - 12/7/2009 5:11:06 AM

Getting tired of vampires...

Fringe: Snakehead Review (Article) - 12/5/2009 5:06:36 AM

I hope the writters get on the stick and draw in the people. Fox is notorious for cutting shows that don't draw as many viewers as it wants.

KARATE KID Revealed (Article) - 12/1/2009 5:38:29 AM



Aliens Attack Ghost House (Article) - 11/30/2009 4:42:08 AM

For an internet movie made for $500, it's awsome. Not sure I see it being made into a full length movie though. But that's just me.


Paramount Takes AREA 51 (Article) - 11/30/2009 4:25:16 AM

Could be ok. Haven't seen Paranormal Activity as I'm generally too cheap to go to the movies but I will rent it. Maybe that will pump me for this one.

THOR GIANT SIZE FINALE Review (Article) - 11/30/2009 4:21:26 AM

I actually appreciated the preview because I had no intention of reading some no name nobody after Straczynski, but it seemed ok enough that I will likely pick up the first couple of issues. Otherwise excellent review. I agree completely that I wonder where it could have gone. First Spider-Man and now Thor. Quesadillia keeps forcing one of the best writers in the industry off flagship books for editorial reasons. May a lightning bolt fry that chees-filled idiot-in-chief.


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