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SPIDER-MAN 4 swinging into The D?

PLUS: WATCHMEN, HELLBOY III, XIII and more in your Comics2Film 9.2.3

By Rob M. Worley     February 03, 2009
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Spider-Man (slideshow)
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Raimi calls for Michigan locations for 'Spider-Man 4', Horror screenwriter Neal Marshall Stevens inks a comic and film deal with Studio 407. More 'Watchmen' images online, del Toro talks 'Hellboy 3', 'The Spirit' DVD announced and 'XIII' hits the small screen this week. Don't be a little guy in the clubhouse, for this is your Comics2Film 9.2.3!



SPIDER-MAN 4 swinging into The D?

Big tax incentives in Michigan have been luring filmmakers like Clint Eastwood, Drew Barrymore and others to the mitten state to film their latest movies. Now, according to an article in the Oakland Press, it appears native son Sam Raimi has designs to bring 'Spider-Man 4' to his hometown.

Foremost, Raimi is looking to lens another movie, a remake of the Danish horror flick 'Room 205' in Michigan under his Ghost House Pictures banner but he said he hopes to lens some of the Marvel superhero flick here as well.

"I’ll be looking at Michigan for our second-unit photography on the new ‘Spider-Man’ film," he confirmed.

The director apparently considered filming parts of 'Spider-Man 3' in the Detroit area, but couldn't reconcile the city's look with the New York City setting of the movie.

"It was cheaper to shoot in Ohio because the streets we were shooting on had storefronts that looked a little bit more like New York than Detroit did," Raimi explained. "But if the incentives Michigan has now had been in place, we would have had the money to adapt a set in Detroit."




WATCHMEN IMAX Poster, originally presented by MTV.com

There's a smattering of new 'Watchmen' artwork and other items on the web today.

First up: MTV Splash Page exclusively unveiled the first look at the IMAX poster for the film. Pretty cool head shot collection that evokes one of the Dave Gibbons covers.

Next: IGN has the latest sampling from the upcoming "Watchmen: The Art of the Film" by Titan Books. Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.

Finally: The New Fontiersman reprints a 1973 article from the Wall Street Post covering the homicide deaths of Woodward and Bernstein.

'Watchmen' takes over the world on March 6th.



THE SPIRIT is on its way...to DVD and Blu-Ray

Lionsgate has announced that Frank Miller's controversial adaptation of Will Eisner's 'The Spirit' will land on DVD and Blu-Ray April 14th. The Blu-Ray edition will carry an MSRP of $39.99. A 2-disc DVD Special Edition goes for $34.98 and the single-disc DVD is priced at $29.95.

Here's the press release:

From Frank Miller, the creator of 300 and Sin City comes the re-awakening of a hero unlike any other – The Spirit.  Adapted from the legendary comic book series created by Comic Book Hall of Famer Will Eisner, The Spirit fuses masterful storytelling with brilliant CGI graphics to sweep viewers into a stylized world of action, adventure, danger and romance.  It is the story of a former rookie cop who returns mysteriously from the dead as the Spirit (Gabriel Macht) to fight crime from the shadows of Central City. His arch-enemy, The Octopus (Samuel L. Jackson), has a different mission: he's going to wipe out Spirit's beloved city as he pursues his own bid for immortality.  The Spirit tracks this cold-hearted killer from Central City's rundown warehouses, to the damp catacombs, to the windswept waterfront ... all the while facing a bevy of beautiful women who either want to seduce, love or kill our masked crusader. Surrounding him at every turn are Ellen Dolan (Sarah Paulson), the whip-smart girl-next-door; Silken Floss (Scarlett Johansson), a calculating and driven vixen; Plaster of Paris (Paz Vega), a murderous French nightclub dancer; Lorelei (Jaime King), an angel of Death; and Morgenstern (Stana Katic), a sexy young cop. Then of course, there's Sand Saref (Eva Mendes), the jewel thief with dangerous curves. She's the love of his life turned bad. Will he save her or will she kill him?  In the vein of Batman Begins and Sin City, The Spirit takes us on a sinister, gut-wrenching ride with a hero who is born, murdered and born again.

The Spirit Blu-ray Disc and 2-disc Special Edition DVD contain thrilling bonus materials including multiple featurettes, an alternate storyboard ending with cast voiceovers and feature film audio commentary by the screenwriter/director and producer.  They both also feature a standard definition digital copy of the film.  The Blu-ray Disc will contain an additional featurette not found on the DVD.  The Spirit Blu-ray also marks the debut of the first LIONSGATE LIVE™ enabled title for the studio. LIONSGATE LIVE™ is a unique BD Live based menu system that delivers updateable exclusive content such as commentaries, games, ringtones, wallpapers, trailers and much more via a series of on-screen notifications and widgets.  In addition, LIONSGATE LIVE™ will continually notify users to any new features across all Lionsgate BD Live titles.  LIONSGATE LIVE™ will be available on select theatrical titles throughout 2009.  The Blu-ray Disc also features Molog, which allows users to insert and animate shapes, text, audio and other graphics right into the film as well as post "blogs" about the film to share with other registered MOLOG™ users.   The standard one-disc DVD of The Spirit will include a Widescreen and Full Screen version of the film and the theatrical trailer. 



  • "Green World" featurette – a look at the technical wizardry behind the making of the film
  • "Miller on Miller" featurette – a look at the artistry of Frank Miller
  • "History Repeats" featurette – an in-depth look at the origin of The Spirit as well as Will Eisner's influence and vision in the comic book world
  • Alternate storyboard ending with voiceovers by Samuel L. Jackson and Gabriel Macht
  • Audio commentary by Frank Miller and Deborah Del Prete
  • MoLog™ - Movie Blog network connected community and interactive movie blog tool set
  • LIONSGATE LIVE™ enabled
  • Theatrical trailer

*Special features subject to change


  • Standard Definition Digital Copy of the feature film



  • "Green World" featurette – a look at the technical wizardry behind the making of the film
  • "Miller on Miller" featurette – a look at the artistry of Frank Miller
  • Alternate storyboard ending with voiceovers by Samuel L. Jackson and Gabriel Macht
  • Audio commentary by Frank Miller and Deborah Del Prete
  • Theatrical trailer

*Special features subject to change


  • Digital Copy of the feature film




XIII this Sunday

The made-for TV mini-series based on the Belgian comic book 'XIII' (which became more prominent as a video game) is set to air on NBC February 8th and 15th.

Comic Book Resources chats with with producer Jay Firestone of Prodigy Pictures about bringing the renowned comic book to TV.



Del Toro says HELLBOY III is at least 3-4 years away

Guillermo del Toro is a busy man, following his Oscar nomination for 'Pan's Labyrinth' a few years back. And although his 'Hellboy II: The Golden Army' was critically acclaimed, it was a bit of a dud at the box office. Not surprising then that the director, who is currently at work on 'The Hobbit ', told MTV Splash Page that another sequel in the Mignola-based series isn't a top priority.

"We’re three, four years away from anything happening—so I don’t think anyone is, you know, in a big hurry," he revealed in an exclusive interview with MTV News.



A Pair of Studio 407 Comics for Horror Screenwriter

Variety reports that horror film writer Neal Marshall Stevens is creating two comics for Studio 407 with an eye on developing them as feature films. 'Havoc Brigade' is already underway with the firebrand publisher, while 'Demon Squad' is also in the works.

Stevens is best known for films like 'Thirteen Ghosts' and 'The Amityville Horror'.

The futuristic action-thriller "Havoc Brigade" is due out in stores on March 25, while action scarefest "Demon Squad" is expected later this year.

Studio 407 has a production deal with Myriad Pictures who have previously announced movie versions of the comics 'Hybrid' and 'The Night Projectionist'.




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kwsupes 2/3/2009 6:39:15 AM

I'm just glad Raimi is directing Spidey 4. I was afraid it would no be any good without him. Maybe now they can recapture the quality of Spiderman 2. 3 was good, but it was missing something, I hope they can find what it was and get it back.

AMiSHPiRATE 2/3/2009 8:20:22 AM

 The plot for spidey 4 can revolve around peter parker, johnny storm, and logan trying to get to a rock concert in detroit.  along the way, spidey tries to pop his cherry while johnny & logan hustle to find some scalped tickets.

rockapellaman 2/3/2009 8:48:41 AM

Actually, SM3 had TOO much. If Raimi hadn't been forced to put Venom into it, SM3 would've been a decent movie. I think it would've been wise to reign in the dancing sequences and evil Peter a bit. I'd rather he had been darker than dorkier. That part of him was handled too lightly in my opinion. If Venom was removed, then they could've avoided all that crap and focused on Sandman and the Peter/MJ Eddie/Stacy thing. Hopefully Raimi can get a fresh start with SM4. A Kraven/Lizard story would be perfect.

monkeyfoot 2/3/2009 9:14:09 AM

The tax incentives have been great for film here in Michigan.  Though some legislators have thought it isn't really paying off monetarily, the promotional aspect has been great. Everything from Gran Torino to Lifetime movies with Sigourney Weaver have been done here. Now there are a number of studio facilities about to be built in the Detroit area and the state's west coast to accomodate the work. Michigan can definintely use the work these days. I know a guy who is an old buddy of Raimi's. If he decides to shoot here I'll see if we might wrangle a set visit.

sergal 2/3/2009 9:57:46 AM
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Wiseguy 2/3/2009 10:01:02 AM

I just hope Raimi can recapture the magic of the first film because they got progressively worse. Still loved all three but also progressively less.

And I'm just happy that it's being filmed in the US. More and more states are doing things to lessen the tax burden on productions and although the state may not see a substantial payback usually local businesses and folk profit.

What was contoversial about The Spirit?

Hellboy 3? Really? With two disappointing b.o. performances I thought they'd leave it alone.

aegrant 2/3/2009 10:14:38 AM

Yeah the tax incentive thing is big here in ohio too. The governor of ohio is contiplating backing said incentives for future movie project. Here in Cleveland - where those scenes for SM3 were filmed Robbo - there are talks to erect a rentable soundstage for major motion pictures filmed here.

Acappellaman - I like the Kraven/Lizard aspect, i might add the chameleon since he is kraven's brother and kills himself in front of Peter after going crazy

So did anybody actually see the spirit when it came out? Look to much like sin city (in style) for me.

noahbody 2/3/2009 10:56:00 AM

SM1 was really good, SM2 was awesome, and SM3 was allright. They need to keep it simple, and  please take a look at The Spectactular Spider-Man cartoon for a good example of how to write Spidey.


HB3......... we know GDT is going to be busy!


They should sell the Spirtit for $5, then I might care.

noahbody 2/3/2009 10:59:40 AM

I think somebody........^......... is off their meds. Probably should have taken your pills aroud 9:30 this morning.

Wallace85 2/3/2009 11:28:22 AM

I'm happy that Raimi is doing another Spider-Man film and I don't blame him for 3 really cause the studio forced him to put in Venom when he never really liked the character cause probably he didn't grow up on him like some of us did.I think if anything yes they should've had Eddie Brock,but different actor, in but show the hate for Spider-Man build up.Cause Raimi was gonna have it be Sandman and Vulture played by Ben Kingsley go against  Spidey.Btw Toper would've made a better Electro in my mind.But I really believe Lizard should be in this he's paid his due to make an appearance.

I can go for another Hellboy maybe see Roger in it this time instead of him being in the background.

I saw the Spirit and it wasn't that terrible the style l liked the girls look great all of the casting was dead on.Just the problem was that it dragged and it's cause Miller wrote the screenplay.As much as I love Miller's work lately it hasn't been up to par he just stays on one subject or one scene for either the whole issue or 2 issues.Which is the main problem with Batman All Star which is why I stopped buying it and Strikes Again was kind of a let down.So the main problem was that it just dragged and stayed on one scene where he was tied up not a whole lot action.Plus it would've been better if Sam Jackson didn't show his face at all cause 1 Octopus doesn't and 2 we all know what Sam looks like and sound like so we don't have to see his face.Frank should've gotten Darwyn Cooke to write the screenplay he does a way better job with the book and pace of the story is good.

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