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SPIDER-MAN 5 & 6 Underway


By Rob M. Worley     August 17, 2009
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Comics2Film: SPIDER-MAN 4 Going 3D?
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Vanderbilt working on 'Spider-Man 5' and '6'. PLUS: 'Iron Man 2' concept art. 'Midnight Mass' gets a network deal. 'G.I. Joe' a box office hero. More! It's the daily column that walks around in the summertime saying, "how about this heat," it's your Comics2Film 9.8.17! 



G.I. JOE Hanging Tough

Although it dropped a spot to the buzzed-about 'District 9', 'G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra' still held solid ground at the weekend box office according to Mania's weekend report.

The toy and comic based film was #2, taking in a respectable $22.5 million in its second week. It lost almost 59% of its audience over week one, which is a smaller drop than 'Transformers 2' or 'Wolverine' saw.

According to chart data published by Box Office Mojo, the film is now in the top 20 high-grossers for 2009, both domestically and worldwide. It's in the top 10 for domestic PG-13 movies of 2009.

Variety reports that the film has had plenty of muscle in foreign territories. The film grossed $43 million from 6,117 playdates in 35 markets. Reportedly giving the Joes an international flavor helped it succeed.




John Rozum's excellent DC/Vertigo title 'Midnight Mass' is headed for the small screen, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts (writers and producers on the also excellent 'Pushing Daisies') are set to write and produce the concept as a TV series for NBC.

The book focused on a contemporary married couple Adam and Julia Kadmons who are private paranormal investigators operating out of the town of Midnight, Massachusetts. The enjoyable comic read as sort of a 'Hart to Hart' with demons and ghosts.

The comic, while never a huge hit in its own right, has been attracting attention in Hollywood since its publication, with talk of a TV show dating back as far as 2002.



SMALLVILLE's Wonder Twins Named

KryptonSite has learned that the twins from the fifth episodeof 'Smallville' season 9, a pair of familiar faces from the 'Super Friends' TV series, have now been cast.

David Gallagher ('7th Heaven') will be playing the character many are assuming will be "Zan" and Allison Scagliotti ('Warehouse 13') will be his counterpart "Jayna."

We're just crossing our fingers that Gleek shows up. He's a monkey that wears a cape! And he's purple!




IGN has unveiled a new set of publicity photos for the Bruce Willis robot thriller 'The Surrogates'.

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.



McAdams doubtful about Fincher's TORSO

Late last year it looked as if director David Fincher was set to begin production of a film production of Brian Michael Bendis and Marc Andreyko's graphic novel 'Torso'. The film was set up at Paramount, had a blue-chip cast and filming locations all picked out. Then Paramount pulled the plug.

Rachel McAdams was part of that cast and she told MTV Splash Page that she's not sure what's happening with the film.

"I don't know what's going on with that project. I don't know that it's actually happening," said McAdams. "[Fincher] might be doing something else."

'Torso' tells of the real-life serial killer that plagued famed-lawman Elliot Ness during the latter part of his career as the Director of Safety for Cleveland. The graphic novel stands as one of Bendis' more compelling crime books.



Vanderbilt Developing SPIDER-MAN 5 & 6

Stop us if you've heard this one: James Vanderbilt, writer of 'Zodiac' and 'The Losers', has been hired by Sony to write the scripts for two 'Spider-Man' sequels that could be interlinked and filmed back-to-back. That was the rumor just over a year ago when the writer had been hired to write 'Spider-Man 4' and was allegedly setting it up as a double-feature with 'Spider-Man 5'.

Eventually 'Spider-Man 4' became a stand-alone movie and director Sam Raimi brought in playwright David Lindsay-Abaire to rewrite the script.

Today Variety reports that the studio has indeed commenced Vanderbilt on writing the fifth and sixth chapters as a two interlinked films that would film back-to-back. Sony has allegedly been feeling the pain of the expanding breaks between franchise installments and may be a bit envious of tracks like 'Twilight that can pump out chapters with less than an year in between.

Raimi's status with the franchise remains unclear. He plans to start filming 'Spider-Man 4' next year, but has no long-term commitment to the franchise after that. Neither do stars Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. So Vanderbilt's double-bill could be an all-new, all-different Spidey saga.

What do you think, Maniacs? Is Vanderbilt building to a Sinister Six? Post your comments below...



IRON MAN 2 Designs

Over the weekend, Antonello Blueberry sent us a packet of design art from 'Iron Man 2'. The images appear from the pen of designer Phil Saunders who worked on the first film as well. Check 'em out!


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Hobbs 8/17/2009 6:51:43 AM

The wonder twins!! LOL  man has Smallville taken a huge fall from where it started out.

That's bold of Sony to hire someone other than Raimi to write 4 and 5.  They must really think this is the last one he is going to do.  Which probably isn't a bad career move for him.  Let him rebound from that piece of crap number 3 and go out on top with the character.  Then let someone else mess it up the rest of the way. 

Wiseguy 8/17/2009 7:33:59 AM

Wonder Twins powers activate!! Form of a good Smallville season. All I know is that Gleek better be there

Hobbs, actually this guy wrote 4 but Raimi didn't like so he got new writers to do some re-writes.

Sony and Marvel (I guess Marvel has some influence) both liked Vandervilt's ideas and where he was taking the character so they brought him back for 5 and 6.

But I'm with you, I think Raimi needs and probably will leave after 4. He has World of Warcraft and that's a huge undertaking. Plus we may be due for some fresh blood

Matador 8/17/2009 7:34:27 AM

I hope that's a comedy special for a Smallville episode dang love that purple monkey!

Spiderman - You all know it's coming Scmucker will be taking over and will have more neon in that film than the cars in Fast N Funniest. Could also be James Cameron sinking boats or Michael Bay big explosions equals big bada boom.

I think I'll have more fun disloacting my arm again.

wessmith1966 8/17/2009 7:37:13 AM

Sinister six? I hope not, and not because I don't like the villains. Six bad guys, even over two movies, is too many. I still think my idea of Lizard and Kraven would be perfect for one movie (I've scketched out my idea here many times), and if you make the movie a two-parter then add Chameleon (looking for revenge for Spidey beating Kraven) and Mysterio (with Bruce Campbell as Mysterio) with Chameleon pulling Mysterio's strings. Chameleon would be introduced at the end of the first movie and lead into the second. The villains are classic, which will please Raimi, because he's made his disdain for newer villains well known.

The Wonder Twins on Smallville. That's too funny. Maybe they can even find a spot for Wendy and Marvin.

Midnight Mass sounds similar to Warehouse 13, Friday the 13th, the series, and a lot of other shows on SyFy; in other words, not that original.

ponyboy76 8/17/2009 8:04:36 AM

Are these designs for Iron Man or is this just actually War Machine? Because it looks way more War Machine. Its too militaristic to be Stark.

Lsn22s 8/17/2009 8:12:26 AM

whoa there....spidey 5 and 6???? lets just get 4 wrapped up and into my eyeballs first, lets not rush this, lord knows thats NEVER helped a movie...

hanso 8/17/2009 8:22:12 AM

GI Joe you fail!!

invisioner 8/17/2009 8:24:25 AM

 I am with Wessmith on the Kraven/Lizard thing. "Kill Spidey at the end of 5, and have him crawl out of his pine box in 6, and have him deal with the trauma of it for the first third, then get back to hunting Kraven at the end.

fft5305 8/17/2009 9:00:14 AM

Wonder Twins could be cool, if they don't take themselves too seriously.  I remember a rumor when the Justice League movie was still in development that Jake & Maggie Gyllenhaal would show up in a cameo as the Twins.  That would have been frickin' hilarious!  Anyway, I have a soft spot in my heart for the Twins.  One of the early signs that I knew Mrs fft was special was when I was talking to her on the phone, and for whatever reason, she said, "Wonder Twin powers... activate!"  I knew then.  I knew the way you know about a good melon.

littlemikey979 8/17/2009 9:06:45 AM

I dont think i am alone when i see I HOPE THEY REPLACE TOBY!, bring on the siderman 10, theres enough villans and other heros they could have pop in and out, black cat could be bad then turn good, maybe, dare i say it bring in Ben Riley (let the hating begin), there is enough spidey material for my kids kids to still be waiting in line at midnight to see the newest spider movie. and i'll be right there with them.

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