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SPIDER-MAN Casting Rumors

Plus: X-MEN, THOR, IRON MAN and more!

By Rob M. Worley     October 04, 2010
Source: Mania

Dark days ahead for the Spider-Man movie franchise.
© Marvel Comics

The interwebs spin a pair of wild Spider-Man casting rumors. Plus: X-Men: First Class set photos and chatter. New Thor images. Iron Man: Anime trailer and more! It's your Comics2Film 10.10.4, good buddy!




Director Uncertain of R.I.P.D. Star Date

Collider.com spoke with director Robert Schwentke during his press tour for RED. While recent reports have pointed to the director jumping into the comic-based R.I.P.D. very quickly as his next project, Schwentke said that's not necessarily the case.

"It's one of 3-4 projects that I’m pursuing, and it’s going really well," he told Collider adding, "I’ve signed on to R.I.P.D., but I’ve also signed on to Osterman Weekend."

So, apparently there's a potential conflict. Both are set up with Summit and bother are moving fast. R.I.P.D. has actor Ryan Reynolds attached and a script by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi (Clash of the Titans). However, as is often the case when a director boards a project, the script is now in the midst of being reworked. In spite of the dueling projects the comic-based on seems to be a favorite of the director.

"I’m very, very excited by it because I also think that it’s a very special project again that has a lot of elements that I really respond to sort of at a molecular level," Schwentke said. "I feel like it’s going to give me the ability to mix those together for the first time.  It’s got some buddy cop stuff in it and it has some romance in it.  It has some action-comedy in it again.  It’s going realty well."

Schwentke also said they have not settled on an actor that would be partnered with Reynolds. Plans are for the movie to be PG-13.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Photos, Chatter

The UK's Daily Mail has published a number of photos from the Oxford shoot of X-Men: First Class. Unlike the set from Bleeding Cool last week, these are very sharp, professional quality images. Unfortunately, they're kind of boring and simply depict James McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier, Rose Byrne as Moira MacTaggert and Jennifer Lawrence as Raven Darkholme, all in sixties street clothing and huddled under umbrellas.

Slightly more interesting photos come courtesy of the Joy in the Journey blog, which had the author inside the perimeter of the set snapping photos. One image she captured was the back of a producer's chair, which featured a different X-Men logo than the ones we've seen previously. This one has the X in an oval looking very collegiate.

X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Producers Chair

Finally, UK TV personality (and some time comics writer) Jonathan Ross has been tweeting about the movie. Ross is wed to the film's screenwriter Jane Goldman.

Tweets Ross, "I probably shouldn't tweet this,...but - saw some footage from X-Men: First Class this morning. It will be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (All emphasis and punctuation his).

In answering fan responses Wossy also added, "Also I was there for the filming of a January Jones as Emma Frost scene...in lingerie. Fanboys, start your drooling...."

So the film has that going for it.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



C2F Quick Hits

  • HeyUGuys.co.uk has scans of the Thor issue of Empire Magazine, which has a handful of new images of Chris Hemsworth in the costume.
  • Let Me In director Matt Reeves told Blastr.com, in no uncertain terms, that he has not been in conversation with producer Christopher Nolan about the Superman movie. "Frankly, I haven't met with him, and it's really, I'm sure, just a rumor," he said of recent reports that place him on a list of five directors that Nolan has supposedly been taking meetings with.
  • Rosario Dawson commented to MSN.com on the M.I.A. Sin City 2 movie, which she hopes to have a role in. "The last time I saw [producer/co-director] Robert Rodriguez was a month ago and he really wants to make Sin City 2 happen. I said, 'I understand you''ve been taking your time, but if you want me to wear the outfit that fits into one hand, dude, I'm not getting any younger,'" Dawson is quoted as saying.
  • Actor/filmmaker/comics creator Thomas Jane told the Huffington Post that Rough House, the production shingle started by David Gordon Green and Danny McBride (Eastbound and Down) have "picked up" his Raw Studios title Alien Pig Farm 3000. The book is said to be "Aliens vs. Red Necks." Jane told the Post that plans call for a feature film and it'll "probably be in 3D."
  • Two new Transformers 3 set videos have turned up courtesy of Collecticon.org.  Both feature highway filming from Hammond, IN. Watch them here and here.
  • Speaking of Transformers 3NasaSpaceFlight.com reports that the space shuttle Discovery may make an appearance in the movie. The shuttle is due for a space mission later this month. The detailed report of the various prep work being done for the launch includes mention that crews for the film are to be shooting scenes from the movie this week at the Kennedy Space Center. "Scenes are expected to be shot at Pad 39A on Wednesday – understood to be timed with Discovery being on show with the RSS retracted, meaning the Shuttle may gain herself some credits in the movie." The scenes will include hundreds of extras as well.
  • Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.

 Empire Magazine Cover Featuring THOR


IRON MAN Anime Titles

A first look at the Iron Man Anime from Madhouse has appeared online. It looks like it's keyed off the movie's designs much more so than the Armored Adventures show is. Check it out...



SPIDER-MAN: Stone as MJ? Hoffman as Venom?

Deadline.com broke a number of interesting casting rumors about Marc Webb's Spider-Man reboot early in the weekend.

After rattling off a list of actresses who could potentially play Gwen Stacy in the movie, Deadline provided an update saying that Sony Pictures Entertainment was preparing an offer for actress Emma Stone to play Mary Jane in the movie.

Most fans know Stone from her turn in last year's hit Zombieland but she's also sizzling in the recent release Easy A (both Sony films).

The Spidey flick will also feature Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker's first love in the original comics (and tomboy gal pal in the Ultimate run). Deadline says the list of actresses under consideration for that part include Dianna Agron (Glee), Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland), Georgina Haig (Road Kill) and Dominique McElligott (Dark Floors). The list is expected to change as Webb and the studio continue their search.

And, as a puzzling footnote on their report, Deadline says that the movie will have Venom in it, and that they like Philip Seymour Hoffman for the part (although they admit the into is "early unconfirmed talk"). It seems like a strange move since Venom was already in the previous movie, and poorly handled at that.

Furthermore Hoffman is completely off-model for the Eddie Brock of main-stream comics (body-building competing photographer) but perhaps a tiny bit closer to the Ultimate comics model. In Ultimate Spider-Man, Brock and Peter's fathers were research partners. Brock appears to Peter as a big brother figure who is continuing their fathers' research, but it becomes apparent that he's less intelligent and talented than Peter. Still, even in the Ultimate version he's only 4 or 5 years older than Peter.

What do you think, Maniacs? You won't catch us complaining about Emma Stone, but the Venom news is troubling. Post your comments below...

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



Rob M. Worley is the writer and creator of the all-new, all-cat kids comic book series Scratch9 which arrived in comic shops on September 9th! Come see Rob at Detroit Comics on October 6th and the New York Comic Con on October 8th-10th!


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jfdavis 10/4/2010 7:02:00 AM

I think Hoffman would be an improvement over Grace but I still find the rumor total crap. They only way introducing Eddie Brock now would work for me is if he doesn't become Venom for several films. 

I think Stone will be an improvement over Dunst. As I may or may not have said before, I really hope they drag the Mary Jane/Gwen "rivalry" past the first film...


Rheul_home 10/4/2010 7:16:06 AM

I read this morning of Splash Page that Ston as MJ has been confirmed. Awesome. I think shes a great actress and it a lot closer to MJ than Dunst ever was. Hopefully these films show the freespirit party girl MJ was in the comic rather than the hard luck case she was in the Rami films. I really want the chick from Glee as Gwen. Shes hot and shes a good actress. As for Venom. Sounds like they are going the Ultimate route. Thats cool. I really had no faith in this Spidey film but it sounds like its going to be a lot of fun.

Im no anime fan but that Iron Man trailer looked pretty cool. Better than that awful Armored Adventures anyway.

LocoLobo73 10/4/2010 8:02:33 AM

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, what is SONY STUPID, man somebody quickly confirm this rumor as false , please, I was already not happy about rstarting a franchise that was in no need of rebooting, but this is just plain dumb, and shows again what happens when you let the studio make the movies, I guess they didnt learn that , the fans want good comic book movies, and not just characters thrown in the film. As for Hoffman playing Venom , that is just ridiculus, I like the actor, but he is no where near a good choice for Venom, hell Tantum would be a better choice, too bad he cant act. I agree with FDAVIS, that Stone is a improvement over Dunst, she is the main thing I disliked about the Rami Spiderman films.

The Iron man Animated ,looks great cant wait to check that out,  I hope this means that Marvel is starting to take its animated properties more seriously, I love what Dc is doing with its Animation, Apocalypse was amazing and absolutely makes my Must Buy List, (ok, so I buy all the animated Movies.)

That being said , i usally dont sweat any of the early comments on movies till i at least see a trailer, But to be honest, Xmen and Spiderman, seriously has me worried that until we get these properties under Marvels control, we are going to be stuck with STUDIO DRIVEN CRAP!!!!!!!!!

animefanjared 10/4/2010 8:48:58 AM

Hoffman as Venom has got to be bull.  He's completely wrong for it.  Also, Venom was one of the more criticized elements of the third Raimi film, I don't know why the studio would be attempting him again so soon.  I for one have no interest in seeing another big screen Venom.

Lsn22s 10/4/2010 9:56:02 AM

Thor is going to be so badass... cant wait to see the lightning in action...i dont know if you guys saw what i believe was the comicon trailer where they showed a bit of thor weilding the hammer, but there was no lightning in the shots, i bet those same scenes will be shown in fully electried glory when it comes out...

X-Men...might actually be looking forward to this...Wolverine was a letdown for sure but i like what i've heard about First Class so far...Hellfire Club, 1960's setting, Kevin Bacon as Sebastion Shaw, the initial friendship and beef with young Xavier and Magneto and getting to watch the young mutant students pick sides forming the first X-Men and Brotherhood...no Ratner!!!...i think Darwin is going to be a really cool character too...at least i hope...

Spiderman...that Venom rumor is definitely 100% B.S.....Hoffman as venom? seriously? he's good actor but he aint Venom...and why the hell would Venom be in this movie? if they're trying to reboot i'm pretty sure bringing back a villain from SM3 aint the best way to kick things off (for more reasons than one)...bring on Vulture, Kraven, Lizard, Mysterio, Black Cat or Allistair Smythe and the Spider Slayers, maybe even eventually Carnage...populate it with familiar faces like Brock as side characters, too bad J.K. Simmons absolutely WAS J. Jonah Jameson...no one could properly replace him imho...

Iron Man...looks awesome...i always thought american superheros would make for some great anime action...heard about that anime package with what i believe was iron man, wolverine, the x-men and blade episodes (one a piece)...i will definitely be checking this out...

Sin City 2?....would be nice...i just dont see it happening...seems like if it was a priority there would be just a bit more buzz for it...first one was great tho, and love the bluray...the unique color scheme looks amazing in HD, so effin crisp....

Lsn22s 10/4/2010 10:02:34 AM

wow...mania is being weird as hell right now...anybody else dealing with near-brain surgery attemting to post?

violator14 10/4/2010 10:08:53 AM

ANYBODY is an improvement over Kristen DUNCE.

Hoffman as Venom? HELL ya!!   As long as Terry Crews plays Spiderman/ Peter!!! .....ridiculous....


and please no more XMEN:"1stClass" updates... it's like killing me very very slowly. I'd rather just die a quick death.

Higgy 10/4/2010 10:20:20 AM

Not to mention Venom should be a villain used down the road.  I mean, sure, have Brock in the films, but don't turn him into Venom for a while.  And when you do it, focus the whole damn movie on Venom and only Venom.  It's like what they did with the Phoenix in X-Men 3.  Pitiful.

I like that Stone is being cast for MJ.  MUCH better then Dunst.  Like...1000x better.

Duckbeaver 10/4/2010 11:20:47 AM

If Hoffman dropped a few pounds and got ripped, I could see him passing a PHYSICAL resemblance for Brock.  But otherwise, that report has to be hogwash.

Really haven't been all that into this reboot, but I see a little bit more merit for it now.  Just the idea of Emma Stone as MJ is already an improvement over Dunst's "miserable damsel in distress" portrayal.  And Hoffman would be a great addition to the cast, just FIND THE RIGHT ROLE FOR HIM.  Personally, I could see him more as a rebooted Curt Connors or Doc Ock (although it's a shame Dylan Baker never got a chance to go into "Lizard" mode and I doubt no one can top Molina's Ock). 

Either way, at least this reboot sounds a lot better than the "Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark" musical.  Anyone hear them debut one of the songs on "Good Morning America" with the "Peter Parker" lead?  TERRIBLE...  

wessmith1966 10/4/2010 12:14:18 PM

Miss Stone would be wonderful as MJ. I thought Dunst was ok, but was never vibrant enough to be MJ. That may have been the way the part was written, so I won't blame the actress. I don't like the rumor of Venom being in the movie. I never really liked the character all that much. I'm anxious to really see where the story is going to go. Is it a reboot, a continuation or what? We've already had Venom. What about The Lizard, Electro, Rhino, Mysterio, etc...

A scantily clad January Jones? This new X-Men movie is sounding better and better! Ha ha. I still worry since it's a Fox production, but I am anxious to see a trailer. I like that the film's going to be set in the 60s. I know I'm going to see this regardless, but I'm hoping it's a good movie.

Hemsworth looks great in costume. Remember when the first images came out and the chain mail looked like rubber? The more I see of this the more I know the movie's going to be great.

I really don't need ANOTHER animated Iron Man, and I'm not much of an anime fan, but the footage does look pretty good.

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