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SPIDER-MAN Casts Aunt and Uncle


    November 05, 2010

Comics2Film: Sally Field and SPIDER-MAN
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Spider-Man casts Aunt May and Uncle Ben. Plus: Work out with Wolverine. Snyder debunks Superman myths and more! It's your Comics2Film 10.11.5!




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They're auctioning off a chance for one fan to spend a day with Jackman as he goes through the paces of getting into fighting form for X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2. The high bidder will travel to New York City some time between now and Spring 2011. There they will...

  • Train side-by-side for one hour with Hugh and his fitness guru Don Scott of Jim Karas Personal Training -- the same team who was responsible for whipping Hugh into shape for X-Men: The Last Stand.
  • After getting your butt kicked, take home a personalized nutrition regimen complete with workout tips so you can live what you've learned at the hands of these icons of fitness.

The proceeds for this item benefit Global Poverty Project

Charity Buzz holds ongoing auctions with celebrities to benefit various organizations. Jackman is donating the prizing for this one.

Click through to read complete auction details and place your bid!



Snyder Debunks SUPERMAN Myths

Details of producer Christopher Nolan and director Zack Snyder's Superman reboot continue to be sparse, but Empire magazine recently talked with the director and tried to pry some info free.

In a summary presented on DigitalSpy.com Snyder would only say that the story is different, but it is true to the traditional vision of the Man of Steel.

"It's a different story," Snyder said. "I won't say there's a break from the canon or anything like that, but there is definitely an approach that makes you go, 'Okay, that's a way to get at it.'"

The approach was crafted by screenwriter David Goyer with input from Nolan.

"David is very respectful of the canon and stuff like that. It has its roots in the canon and again, like I say, it has a point of view about who he is. I'm being cryptic, I know, but it's the best I can do," Snyder said.

Snyder also suggested that rumors about Clark Kent's pre-Superman days as a globe-trotting journalist may also be incorrect. "I think it's early to say. I don't know."

Finally the director reiterated that talk of General Zod being the villain is "just wrong," adding, "the internet has no idea what's going on."



Man of Action talks ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN

The Hero Complex blog has a chat with the Man of Action studio about the Ultimate Spider-Man TV show slated to run on Disney XD next year.

Man of Action is the four-man team consisting of Steven Seagle, Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau and Joe Casey. They're the brains behind such recent hit TV series as Ben 10 and Generator Rex.

The team declined to get too detailed in describing their plans for the show, but did say that long-time fans won't be labored with another re-telling of the origin story.

"Between the comics, the films, the TV shows, the video games and more, everyone pretty much knows Spider-Man’s origin by now, so it’s not exactly a priority to start at square one," said on of the studio mates (although the article is not specific about who is answering the questions). "It’s a fundamental aspect of the character and it will be addressed, but the way in which it’s addressed within the show is just one of many surprises that we’ve got in store."

Click through for the complete Q & A. 




Speaking of the wall-crawler, actor Rhys Ifans talked recently with the Associated Press about his prep to play the villain in Marc Webb's upcoming Spider-Man 3D reboot.

The actor declined to reveal exactly which character he's playing but said, he's "very, very excited about it. It's a great script, great director and the money ain't bad."

Beyond that Ifans hand only one additional point of excitment. "It is quite cool this one, to have Spider-Man and his villain both from the U.K.," Ifans said. Actor Andrew Garfield was born in the states but raised in Britain.

So, the mystery about Ifans role in Spider-Man remains. The rumor mill has pegged him as Dr. Curtis Connors (aka The Lizard), but the rumor mill has been dead wrong before (see: The Riddler in The Dark Knight Rises, see also: General Zod in the new Superman).



SPIDER-MAN Casts Aunt May, Uncle Ben

And speaking of Marc Webbi's Spider-Man, two big bits of casting news emanated forth from the Heat Vision blog yesterday afternoon.

First up: actor Martin Sheen is said to be in final negotiations for the role of Uncle Ben in the movie. Final negotiations are the phase in which the talent has, for all intents and purposes, committed to the part and it's now in the hands of the lawyers to finalize the fine details.

Shortly after the Sheen story broke, Heat Vision followed up with the news that Sally Field is in early talks to play Aunt May in the movie.

Should both actors be cast, it'll prove a distinctive break from the traditional vision of Peter Parker's elderly caretakers, particularly for Aunt May role who has been depicted in the past as white haired and often described as frail. However, the pair are more consistent with the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, which had the couple behaving as more modern adults.

Uncle Ben, in any version, is a strong, wise character. In the Ultimate take he was also a bit of a hipster, sporting a pony-tail and a more youthful outlook on the world. It's not hard to imagine Martin Sheen bringing his confident, avuncular persona (as we saw for many years on The West Wing) to this production.

And Ultimate Aunt May is no fragile figure, demonstrating herself as a strong guardian for her impressionable teenage ward, and a defender of Spider-Man once Peter's secret became known to her. Sally Field can fill this role just fine.

The pair would join Andrew Garfield as Peter, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy and Rhys Ifans as the movie’s unnamed villain. Marc Webb is directing. Cameras roll soon!

What do you think, Maniacs? Do you like the casting of these two critical roles? Post your comments below...



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wessmith1966 11/5/2010 6:42:59 AM

Good casting for Aunt May and Uncle Ben. I just don't see Ifans playing Curt Conners, but he'd make a good Mysterio I think.

Do we really need another Spider-Man cartoon? I guess they will have new toy lines to push so they need the cartoon for that.

A different take on Superman? I don't like the sound of that. Why do you need to take a different angle on Superman's mythos? I really hope they don't screw up this movie. If there's one moive that should be a no-brainer, it's Superman. I just don't understand why they have so much trouble making a good movie that we all want to see. It's not brain surgery. I understand that directors/producers/writers want to leave their stamp on a character, but this is Superman. I've made my ideas for what I think would be a great Superman movie known here many times. The people involved, from the WB suits to the producers and director are seriously over-thinking on this one.

Duckbeaver 11/5/2010 6:49:10 AM

I think Martin Sheen would make a good Uncle Ben.  I can totally hear his voice in my head delivering the "great power/great responsibility" speech.  Sally Field could work as Aunt May.  They seem like the right age for the roles without being portrayed as too frail (y'know, aside from Ben getting shot and everything).


samurai1138 11/5/2010 7:07:07 AM

I dont know if you guys are old enough to remember this or not. But growing up I always thought that Frances Sternhagen, who played Cliff Clayvin's mother Esther on Cheers would have been the perfect Aunt May. She was always fussing and doting on Cliff in the exact manner that Aunt May would act towards Peter. I often wondered if the character had been directly or indirectly based on May. Anyone else remember her? As far as the new casting news, sure, why not? I'm not all pumped for new the Spider-Man so no real concerns about casting. On the plus side that means I probably wont be let down in any way by the film, probably presently surprised if anything.

jfdavis 11/5/2010 7:34:40 AM

Martin Sheen would make an awesome Uncle Ben but Sally Field doesn't sit well with me for the role of Aunt May.  Her version would be more hip rather than hip replacement.  With her cast, Peter's traditional worrying about her would make him too emo.  Yeah, I think The Lizard would be a good first villain but Ifans could easily pull off Mysterio or Cameleon as well.

I'm totally confused about Superman. I'm glad they aren't going with Zod but only him or Brainiac would fit with an early years/origin plot. (Well, Luthor but that would be so lame the word "lame" would be inadequate.)

krathwardroid 11/5/2010 7:38:35 AM

Cool. I can totally see Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben. Probably a better one. Sally Field as Aunt May? Yeah, I can go with that. Sounds better, I think. And about Rhys Ifans; they didn't know who he was playing? Because I thought the announcement of him playing Curt Connors was official. Damn internet rumors. 

I concur wessmith1966. Whenever they make something new with Marvel, they usually fall back on Spider-Man. Yeah, he's more or less the face of Marvel, but geez. There are other characters out there. But no. Whenever they make a new show or video game, it's always Spider-Man. They just had a new Spider-Man cartoon last year called Spectacular Spider-Man. Now it's Ultimate Spider-Man. They had the Web of Shadows game, then they go and make Shattered Dimensions. Why not a brand new stand-alone Hulk game? Or maybe a new Blade game or something with Daredevil? 

Well, it's certainly a relief to know that Zod is not the villain in the new Superman movie. They may just be on the right track with this one. 

todd890 11/5/2010 7:51:16 AM

Spiderman is the flag ship of Marvel, so they think that a dozen shows on him would make them money.

I stopped watching the cartoon versions years ago and was glad when they made it into a film.


Superman on the other hand might be good, but time will tell.

LocoLobo73 11/5/2010 8:06:38 AM

So its a spidey day for news, i think both additions on the new Spidey film are the best casting news so far , and hopefully we will continue to get more inspiring news on this feature

As for SUPERMAN, well I have faith , I remember when Batman Begins came out , and we heard alot of the same talk, I will say this I was a little worried  when I read an Interview with Goyer and he mentioned it as a "Begins", that kinda reminds me of the current Superman : earth One , Graphic novel that just came out, and that they are doing a Batman :earth One book of also.

Ultimate Spiderman , cartoon,  I think this is intresting mainly because a few weeks back , i had posted on hear that i had read an intresting article stateing that Marvel and Disney are putting together a big surprise project, for Tv, the Article went on to say that disney and Marvel are looking to link several different cartoons in the same manor as their current movie slate, the article went on to name four shows that would have a crossover storyline that would run through across the four programs. first was the new Avengers cartoon, the second was suppose to be Ultimate Spiderman, the third is claimed to be an X-men cartoon and last a new Fantastic  Four, I brushed this all off as wishful thinking , cause I mean come on who wouldnt want to see a Secret wars or an Infinity Gauntlet crossover.  I have begun to think there may be something to this though due to a few things, 1st on the last episode of Avengers, Stark mentions working with Reed Richards on a project for a prison in the Negative zone, and we know where that leads, completely psyched by the way. 2nd Disney XD wil be producing and air all titles and have them under a Marvel block, 3rd Man of Action will be producing all the shows.... Like I said before that would be a fan boys wet dream , but i have looked and looked for the site I found it on and zippo. I will continue to search for this article so that I can repost it .

monkeyfoot 11/5/2010 8:28:21 AM

Spider-Cast: I've never really read the Ultimate version of Spidey. (Sorry, haven't read comics regularly for years) Sheen and Fields look like great choices for what I know of that version of them. Isn't Uncle Ben still alive in the Ultimates? How does Parker get his lesson of Great Power/Responsibility without his death?

SuperSnyder: I'm actually greatly enthused by what he has said. This is mainly because I really loved the take David Goyer and Nolan came up with to revitalize Batman. It is the Batman that we all know and love but made it fit the times we are in. I have faith they and Snyder will do the same for The Man of Steel. Will it be a gritty realistic take? I doubt they will go that far. Nolan has said in interviews it is not the same world his Batman is in. It will have its own sensibilities that fit the idea of a super powered alien fighting for truth justice and the American way.

In comics we don't mind different writers and artists doing different takes on superheroes that may be different than anotther creative teams, and we have accepted the different movie and TV versions of Batman that have appeared, so why not the same here? 

lancedenier 11/5/2010 9:29:32 AM

That trailer for Sucker Punch (not to mention his body of work) whould be enough to convince you that Zack is going to do this right.  No worries.  :)

spiderhero 11/5/2010 9:58:28 AM

Martin Sheen & Sally field? NO NO NO NO NO. Ok, Fields is a great actress, but not right for the role. And Sheen....just no. Please no.

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