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cellarboylives 1/14/2010 7:11:12 AM

OH CRAP!!!!! Joe Johnston sounds like a knucklehead!!!! Get this guy out of here before its too late!  I would love to see the movie move back and forth between the time periods much like the original Highlander did, with cool scene trangressions between the periods. 

"But at the heart of it, it's a story about this kid who all he wants to do is fit in. This thing happens and he still doesn't fit in. And he has to prove himself a hero—essentially go AWOL to save a friend."

WTF? Has this guy ever read a Captain America book?

cinemaman72 1/14/2010 7:12:25 AM

DO NOT MAKE A 3-D SPIDERMAN!!!!!!!! I am so sick and tired of hearing about 3-D films, and I really believe that SONY will suffer if they try to make Spiderman in 3-D. It's really not needed at all, fans are going to see a good movie, with GREAT actions sequences and a compelling story!!!!!


SONY does not need a 3-D Spiderman film!!!!!!


What SONY needs to do, is write a check for 300 millions crawl on their hands and knees and beg Sam Rami to make his Spiderman 4 and not hold him to some stupid opening date!!!!

monkeyfoot 1/14/2010 7:31:15 AM

Too Cool To Be Forgotten: Sounds like a great story idea.

Cowboys & Aliens: Daniel Craig would be great. I don't know what the character really entails but he's a great actor.

Conan: Don't know a thing about Kellan Lutz, but on a quick google he looks more like a potential Captain America. If Jason Momoa gets it , he and his wife Lisa Bonet could bring along their kid with the world's longest celebrity baby name: Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa.

Captain America: Johnston you are scaring me!!! Cap isn't supposed to be a geek trying to be loved. He is a natural charismatic leader, so honest and true blue you'd gladly follow him into the jaws of death. Superman wishes he had the goodness of Cap!

Spider-man: Love Cameron but wouldn't want him on this now or then. Don't know a thing about Marc Webb. Wait and see.

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 1/14/2010 7:47:41 AM

Wow - color m surprised more people STILL b*tcing about 3D.  If anything could be awesome in 3D it'd be Spider-man.  But back to what I was going to say...

Cellarboylives, technically, that synopsis does kind of fit if you read between the lines.  He was a skinny little weakling who was given this formula to become this semi-powerful character and I'm sure he had to fit into his new role as some super soldier, it didn't happen over day and then he was frozen and had to awake in a time that wasn't his own...and had to learn to fit in.  Use some brains.  Not being insulting but just think a little. 

How ironic would it be if Webb did get the Spider-man gig?  I can see the headlines now:  Spider-man caught in Webb.  Or..well, I'm not getting paid for this stuff I'm not bothering to come up with any.  But as much as I liked (500) I don't see it happening.  But who knows he can surprise us - I've been surprised before.  I think Matthew Vaughn would make a good Spider-man movie myself.

James Cameron's Spider-man would have sucked.  Period.  It might have been his first bad movie and as long as it takes him to make a movie I don't think Sony would go for it despite Avatar and Titanic's B.O.  I can't forget if Fincher was ever attached to Spider-man, I think it was only Batman but he might have made an interesting choice, too, but I'd still go with Vaughn.  It seems with Kick-Ass he can handle kids "super-heroes", humor, violence, and action, which would be perfect for the direction they plan on taking Spider-man now.  But that's only going by the previes.  I don't know if he is too old to be cast as an high schooler (not that it has stopped Hollywood before) but I agree on Hanso's choice for a new Spider-man, that kid from Alpha Dog and Star Trek.  He wouldn't be the first person in two major franchises.  Hell, some people have been in three just in the last decade.  I forgot who but I know it involves LotR, Matrix, X-men, and Pirates of the Caribbean.  A couple people are mixed and matched in those and one person I can't remember was in three of them unless there is another major one I'm missing in that list.


myklspader 1/14/2010 7:53:05 AM

I think Webb is an interesting choice and could do it because yeah that flick he did was pretty good at getting the young adult/teen angst down but the action parts of Spidey would make me nervous about his delivering them. Keep in mind nobody thought Raimi was going to pan out and look at the first two flicks he did. I don't think Anderson should be let in on this and there is no way I can see Fincher doing this ‘cause the Spider Man universe is not that dark. 

Directors I think could be better suited are: James Mangold (“3:10 to Yuma”, “Walk The Line”) and Joss Whedon. Hell they should ask Jon Favreau, I think his work is surprisingly pretty solid and he can do various genres. 

javaone 1/14/2010 8:17:27 AM

Cowboys & Aliens:  Man, you put writers/producers from Lost, the director of Iron Man, and the badass James Bond together.....something interesting is bound to come of this.

Captain America:  Soooo looking forward to this. Bring it on! I'm okay with the stuff that Johnston is saying, except that I think it should be darker and grittier. I mean, holy sh!t the thing takes place during World War II! Which, by the way, should be the period for the WHOLE movie not just some of it. There's a rich storyline there with the Red Skull that you can't just gloss over. But don't make the "wimpy kid" angle be the main focus of the story ala Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

Spider-Man:  Forget the 3D stuff. Forget the high school stuff. As someone said in another thread, use David Fincher. Forget the teen angst and all that BS and get him fighting some real badass like Kraven the Hunter or Hobgoblin. But who am I kidding, none of that is gonna happen.....

Wiseguy 1/14/2010 8:19:02 AM

I think Johnston has a good grip on Captain America. I actually like the sound of that although it can be interpreted different ways so we have to wait and see. By fitting in he could just mean his need to be able to fight for America like most men at that time.

Spiderman in 3D is going to be beyond awesome. It makes perfect sense cause Sopny ios one of the companies leading the 3D revolution for the home so all their big films should be in 3D. If you don't like 3D just go see the 2D version, don't eff it up for us 3D fans, though I bet you will all end up watching in 3D despite all the belly aching

Webb from 500 Days for Spidey? Really? I hope he has the vision for this. Sometimes you can't tell from previous works, see Favreau for reference, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. No way Cameron jumps on Spoidey now, that's just wishful thinking

Cameron's Spidey would've kicked ass, like all his films, but in the end it was too mature to attract entire families

I have no real problems with the two cats mentioned for Conan, mostly cause I haven't seen any meaningful work from either. Let's get somebody trying to dig up that 3rd candidate, then I'll cast my vote

Too Cool To be Forgotten? Sounds pretty corny to me to be honest

Not really a Daniel Craig fan so him leading Cowboys and Aliens doesn't do anything for me except make me feel indifferent about this

pilgram 1/14/2010 8:21:02 AM

So Cap is a pre-quel to Avengers? WTF. I get making the end of Cap the beginning of Avengers but it reads like the point is to only lead into Avengers almost like the story is a throw away. Cap has great background story and it will work but I hope they make it with an eye for more Cap films not just as the lead for Avengers and that’s all.

"Other names on the director's list are James Cameron (amazing but he is so much better on his own stuff not adapting others), David Fincher (Fukk that! too "dark and  heavy") and Wes Anderson (double Fukk that! to "not very good")



timesobserver 1/14/2010 8:24:03 AM

Cameron's Spider-Man movie? Not!

Let's see, he has rage issues, accidently kills a guy (we've seen that) and has sex with MJ on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Batman is dark, Spider-Man, not so much.

We need a director who will be faithful to the characters, not just Spider-Man!

Just do the reboot, keep it fun and light, only dark when it's needed, limited it to one villain and stay true to the characters.

You don't need to reinvent the wheel by making Spider-Man and friends into something that they're not.

hanso 1/14/2010 8:34:21 AM

500 Days of Summer was cool but if David Fincher is interested then it's a no brainer for Sony because he was linked to the project prior to Sam Raimi: CHECK. Previous experience with the studio: CHECK.  previous experience with the movie's writer: CHECK and if they are looking for the depection of young people he's got that too cause he's currently directing for Sony, The Social Network so add another CHECK.

Damn it Sony wtf are you waiting for!?

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