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Spider-Man Makes Guinness

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Spider-Man Makes Guinness

No, not the beer

By Robert T. Trate     October 19, 2012
Source: Guinness Records

Last weekend at the New York Comic Con, fans and the city of New York celebrated Spider-Man’s 60th Birthday! The event was so epic for old Web Head, that it made it into the Guinness World Records!

Here is the official word from Guinness: Spider-Man, the world’s most popular Super Hero, has a new title to add to his roster – record breaker! In honor of Spider-Man’s Birthday, Marvel pulled out all the stops and broke the Guinness World Records® title for the “Most Contributions to a Greeting Card” with an incredible 2,707 signatures on October 14, 2012.
The famous character’s birthday occurred during New York Comic Con, with pop culture fans from all around the country gathering in the Super Hero’s hometown to be a part of this historic moment. The New York City Mayor’s Office celebrated the event by announcing that October 14th, his official birthday, would hereby be recognized as ‘Spider-Man Day’ via an official proclamation from New York City Mayor Bloomberg
”There was never any doubt in our mind that Marvel’s devoted fans would ensure that Spider-Man’s birthday was anything short of historic!” said Axel Alonso, Editor in Chief, Marvel Entertainment. “It was a pleasure to work with our friends at Guinness to break this record and create a truly unique event in the entertainment world.”
To give Spider-Man the birthday he deserved, Marvel teamed up with Hallmark Cards to create a life size card 8 feet wide and 6 feet tall and stationed it at their booth throughout all four days of New York Comic Con. Fans and enthusiasts were given the chance to wish their favorite wall-crawling protector a “Happy Birthday” and be a part of Guinness World Records history.
The previous record of 1,816 contributions had been set in August during the conclusion celebrations of the TNT show “The Closer.”
"For 50 years, Spider-Man has proven to us all that he's nothing short of amazing. And now, by receiving the most-ever contributions to a greeting card with 2,707 Happy Birthday wishes, our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is an official Guinness World Records holder too," said Guinness World Records Official Adjudicator, Mike Janela.



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Wiseguy 10/19/2012 5:38:54 AM

I didn't go to the con this year, I would've liked to add my name to the card. But Happy birthday anyway Spidey and congrats on the world record

FerretJohn 10/19/2012 8:58:52 AM

Correction Mr Trate, it's Spider-mans 50th birthday, he started his web-swinging in 1962.

Proof-reading is a marvelous thing.  :)

mellowdoux 10/19/2012 10:52:26 AM

 FerretJohn: There's no proof-reading here. The daily gaffs are a riot.


Vaux made a comment in his weekly TV round-up that 'Plague of the Zombies" was not a Hammer movie, then didn't even bother to correct it when I pointed it out.

Heck... that's not even a typo.



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