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'Spider-Man' re-casting rumorfest begins!

    May 28, 2008

Recent talk from Marvel's Peter Cuneo and rumors about a two-headed treatment from screenwriter James Vanderbilt have the interwebs whipped up for speculation about what 'Spider-Man 4' will look like. With no actors signed for a fourth installment, it seems more and more likely that Tobey Maguire may not return to the role that made him a star, and, indeed, fans may not want him back.

It's no surprise then that this week, factions on the interwebs have offered up their first candidate for replacing Maguire as Marvel's big-screen webbed-wonder. A report from Latino Review claims that Patrick Fugit is a contender for the role.

The source of the rumor is not named, other than to say the info comes from someone "trusted". The story also cautions readers that Fugit's name is being tossed around by producers Laura Ziskin and Grant Curtis. No offers have been made and, perhaps, the discussion hasn't even left the Spider-Man production offices.

Fugit may be best known for the lead role in 'Almost Famous'. He since toplined such movies as 'Saved!', and 'Wristcutters'.

As if to counter the Fugit rumor, CHUD checked with the actor himself. That site is covering Fugit's new movie 'Cirque du Freak'. The actor told CHUD that he's heard no talk about the new 'Spider-Man' movie.

Of course, that doesn't necessarily invalidate Latino Review's story, but it does underscore that it may be too early to get excited about such casting talk.

Indeed the very same article at Latino Review also offers up the unlikely choice Michael Angarano, who we saw recently in 'The Forbidden Kingdom'.

With Cuneo predicting a 2010 release of 'Spider-Man 4', we've got a least six months of casting rumors before an announcement is made.


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