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reek 10/1/2012 10:02:05 AM

Beware the sequel to ASM!  Go check out the Spider-Man vidoe game tie in to the movie.  It spells out a very pheasable direction for a trilogy: In the game, Oscorp starts using the green serum (ooze?) that Connors invents to turn other animals and people into hybrids.  They create Rhino, Scorpion and Vulture all from this glowing green slime (surprisingly no ninja turtles though).  They're not even humans to begin with but lab animals spliced with human DNA. Basically, half of the remaining classic spider-man villains are robbed of their origin stories and identites to become mindless beasts.  I'm worried that this storyline will be really tempting to Orci and Kurtzman because it would be so much easier to write than using the actual origins.  It actually kind of reminds me of the Spider-Man comics when the Venom symbiote started popping out a bunch of offspring...right after Carnage became a big hit.  I hate lazy writing.

reek 10/1/2012 10:03:39 AM

Didn't mean to imply Kurtzman and Orci were lazy writers.  LOST was not lazy writing.  Insane maybe, but not lazy.

InnerSanctum 10/1/2012 11:58:23 AM

 LOST was great TV.  But, it obviously had no direction at the end.  They didn't know how to wrap up the show.  All of these little moments we thought would be explained, that they would have a purpose, but then they just went to heaven.  They never even bothered to wrap up what the island actually was.  Not having direction is lazy writing.  

InnerSanctum 10/1/2012 12:05:36 PM

 I say that as someone who LOVED LOST, but was very dissapointed.  

I felt the same about the X-Files.  BTW, if the last movie wasn't so bad, we would have had a wrap up of the alien theology and their planned attack on earth in 2012,  Since, as of September, nothing has been put into production, I guess we will have to just believe Scully and Mulder were able to stop, postpone, etc. what they talked about for nine years.  

VermithraxPejorative 10/1/2012 12:59:50 PM

I didn't even bother with seeing this one. After Spiderman 3, I gave up on it. I really liked 2, and 1 was good. This remake or restart or whatever it is called just didn't interest me at all.

als72653@aol.com_home 10/1/2012 1:06:29 PM

they spent way to long telling how he became spiderman,everyone knows how it happen.hope there is more action in the next one

reek 10/1/2012 1:07:07 PM

InnerSanctum while I wouldn't count myself among those that loved LOST, I would call the writing for that show brave, and bravery carries risks that don't always pay off.  LOST's final season would be the perfect example of a risk that didn't pay off.  Love, hate or indifference to the show, you have to admit that the writing was anything but lazy or predictable.  This may be irrelevant to ASM 2 though because brave writing may be more disaterous to a well established character like Spider man than lazy writing.  I think we have all felt our stomachs churn when we hear some full-of-himself director starts talking about a "re-imagining" of a classic comic character.

swisshammer 10/1/2012 2:13:10 PM

Haters gonna hate, I guess. I'm all for another trip with Webb and Garfield. I thought the movie was great and that Webb made some great choices (Gwen instead of Mary Jane; mech shooters instead of organic ones; first person POV swinging). I'll be in line when this comes out, for sure!

SarcasticCaveman 10/1/2012 3:01:02 PM


SarcasticCaveman 10/1/2012 3:01:55 PM

 Interesting side note - the post I tried posting twice had ZERO profanity in it.

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