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nickzambuto 8/14/2010 1:28:28 AM

 while i have to admit, you thought this fight out pretty well, i have to dis agree. spider man would win. heres how i think it would go down. lets say they both meet up at that place like you said this is what would happen, spider man would take a look at batman and crack a quick joke like always, batman would ignore it and throw a batarang at spidey. he easily dodges of course and cracks another joke before using some web. batman manages to dodge it and throws a flash bomb. (spidey is on the ceiling now) the bomb temporarily disables spider man but doesnt take out his spider sense. batman tries to use his grapple hook but spider man jumps to the ground. still blinded from the grenade he has to rely on his spider sense  for a little while. batman manages to get some good hits in on spider man while he is helpless to defend himself. eventually the flash wheres off and spidey is back in action. after a little while of spidey and batman throwing punches back in forth with some flips and kicks in there to, spidey manages to hit batman. using his super strength batman gets knocked to the floor. un prepaired for spideys immense strenght batman takes a second before getting up, and thats all the time spidey needs to web him up into a cocoon. while i'll admit batman would be able to cut free with a batarang eventually, it would take to long. so spidey wins. BUT!!!!!!! im going to admit, if they were to meet a second time, batman would be prepaired with a web proof suit and maybe some kind of gas to disable spider mans spider sense. mysterio has done it before so batman should be able to aswell. AND!!!!!! i'll admit the adam west batman would probably have some kind of spider man spray in his utility belt, cause he has everything in his belt. but in the end with the batman and spider man in comics now, spidey wins. now donr hate me THIS IS JUST MY OPINION, im not hating on batman, im just saying what i think would happen. 

nickzambuto 8/14/2010 2:24:22 AM

spider man=super bad ass and awesome

batman=no where with out his trust fund

jingo420 7/8/2012 12:42:46 AM

Different franchises, so they'll never meet/fight. Even if it does happen in fictional world one day.... Hands down The Big Black Bat wins. Spidey's too dumb to b a winner, oh... for the people who seems to think hes smart cos he's a scientist, I don't see any scientists in cage fights or martial tournaments cos its a totally different area of specialisation. On the other hand, Bats all about hand to hand Combat. Fair enough Spidey's got super power to kick any villian's ass, so does any other super hero. How to kill/defeat a super hero and destruct things at the planetery scale, No1 knows better than The Bat. As some of u gys admitted, Supes can defeat Spidey, well.. The Bat kicks Supes ass like a piece of cake. Only way to defeat The Bat for 
Spidey is to jump him while he's Bruce Wayne. Easy.

Bladicus 7/10/2012 2:51:06 PM

Batman kicking Superman's ass? A piece of cake? Pshh, jingo you and I both know that he used kryptonite to win. Let's see how the Bat fares against supes without kryptonite? Yeah, not very well.


Peter is a scientist and he has been in a cage match against a wrestler , and guess what? He won. As for Batman's hand to hand combat, sure, he has better fighting skill than Spidey, but it's not like Spiderman hasn't been up against black belts in the past. He's also been taught by a karate master and developed his own fighting style called "The Way of the Spider."  Plus he has spider-sense so if Bats tries to punch him he could dodge pretty damn easy. 

Batman is also good at stealth but there's no sneaking up on Spiderman since he has spider-sense. Which forces Batman to go toe-to-toe with Spiderman. But people in this thread have said before that toe-to-toe Batman loses against the Wall Crawler.


Spidey doesn't even have to jump him when he is Bruce Wayne, even Bruce has his batsuit on and all his fancy gadgets, Spiderman still kicks his ass.

jingo420 7/12/2012 5:47:46 AM

I really really doubt that Blad..... And why the hell u all gys r goin on and on and on about spider sense. Its very handy for spidey for sure.... but it sounds like a  perfect diversion for The Bat.  Sure spidey's gonna dodge alot of batarangs heading his way, and knowing Batman, chucking the decoys,  how do u know spidey's not landing on 1 of Bat's already thrown out "Zaparang", Sleeping Gas/Stun Grenade or somethin like that. Batman's strength's not his physical abilities, its his brilliance. The Bat uses not only opponets' weaknesses but also their strength's against them. Thats his Super Power, other than that, he's all Human like u and me. Dont u just love that part. Got the Picture. Peter's still a baby against The Bat.

And the thing with Supes, If bullets/Bombs dont hurt that prick, Sure some1 had to put him in his place from this planet using cryptonite. 


Bladicus 7/13/2012 6:18:50 AM

  Batman can't use his gadgets when his hands are webbed up. Spiderman's webs are as durable as steel. Wolverine had trouble breaking out of his webbing, I'm pretty sure the Bat is going to trapped there long enough for Spidey to rush in and deliver a punch to his face, knocking him out for good. And one solid punch to the face is all he needs to take down Batman or even kill him. 

He is so strong that he recoils his punches, that way when he fights normal humans he doesn't take their heads off. And jingo you just admitted that he's all human like you and me. How is the Bat even gonna hit him when he is 18 times faster than the normal human and has superior agility and reflexes?

Spiderman has also beaten a kryptonian, he beat Superboy in the Marvel/DC crossover comics. Also, he fought against the Hulk and SURVIVED! Plus he handed the whole goddamned X-Men their asses in Secret Wars. If he can fight the Hulk and a kryptonian, and kick the whole X-Men's butts? And live to tell all three tales then I'm pretty damn sure he can take the Bat. 

Plus Spidey has also faced Firelord, a herald of Galactus, a cosmic entity.

So, what is keeping Spidey out of Batman's league? Oh, that's right, NOTHING. It's like everyone has a hardon for Batman after him beating Superman. Then all this crap started about "No one can beat Batman because he's Batman!"  Seriously? Grow the fuck up people. Comic book writers noticed the fan's hardons for Batman, and they gave him too much credit by having him ridiculously take out villains like Darkseid. 

Jingo, if Peter is a baby, then he is a kickass baby. This is how Spider-Man's fights usually are, him being the underdog while everyone else has their money on the guy he is fighting. 

So you are saying that a teenager who has beat a kryptonian, survived a fight against the Hulk, kicked the whole X-Men's ass, and defeated a cosmic entity (Firelord) is a baby compared to a billionare who runs around in a bat-suit with high-tech gadgets, who has trouble keeping a phsycopathic clown in check? Is that right?

jingo420 7/16/2012 4:40:38 AM

 wow.... u r obsessed with spiderman, i bet ur under the impression that spidey can even take out supes, ROFL on that already b4 u throw whole lotta crap at me again. Spidey's beaten superboy, tell him to try superbaby next time, he might get lucky again.

With Bat, its brains vs. muscles, don't forget brains control the muscles. Don't believe me, go watch "Justice League: Doom". As long as spiderman's gotta man in him, he's no match for the Bat. And 1day, even if he's all spider no man, the Bat still pawns him. Don't belive me, go ask the guy who started this thread, he said it all in the begining. The only Bat spidey's gonna beat is if its either Clooney/Keaton/Bale or the 1s from the 60s on 111 hits.

Btw the floor looks pretty clean today, just few webs here and there, seems like the Bat mopped the floor with spidey.

Bladicus 7/20/2012 6:05:28 AM

 I'm not obsessed with Spider-Man, and I know for a fact that he can't beat Superman, or most people in the DC Universe,  but he still beat Superboy so that is still a fact.  

Brains vs Muscles. Well Spidey pretty much has both. He is as smart as if not smarter than Batman. Remember Spider-Man has faced guys that are stronger than him (Rhino, Venom, Carnage, The Thing, The Hulk, The Whole X-Men, Firelord) But he didn't fight them just by using his spider powers, he fought them using his mind. Just like Batman.

And about the prep thing, people have studied Spider-Man's DNA and prepped for him before. (Spider Slayers anyone?) And yet he still won!


And I take it that the guy who started all this is a Batman fanboy himself. 

This is what he said.

Winner: "Batman. ‘Cause let’s face it, nobody can beat Batman."

My Batman fanboy senses are tingling. 



Bladicus 7/20/2012 8:02:06 AM

 *sigh* Hey guys how about we just let it be? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and no matter how many facts you have it's still their opinion and that won't change. If you like Batman and think he is the best, cool, if you think Spidey is the best then that is cool as well. Jingo, sorry that I lashed out at you man. 

So, how about we just get on with our lives and let this guy be? 

jingo420 7/20/2012 8:38:54 PM

 Sure thing Blad, ur wiser than i thought and humble too. I guess its upto the story writers to make superheros win or lose.

Take it easy Budd.

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