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Bladicus 7/22/2012 12:48:46 AM

 Awesome! Now, if you will excuse me, I will go play DCUO and fight alongside Batman for old times sake :D 

DaDemonMonkey 12/11/2012 10:18:28 AM

  Well dude the way you set this up is good and all but you kinda forgot.

1) Spider-Man has Kung-Fu senses in the newer comics and since then has lost his spidey sense, since the House of M. But since then he ha actually gotten better at sensing the danger around him.

2) The way some of you guys said that he has no killer instinct is wrong he has killer instinct he only uses it when something wrong has happened in his life or he runs into the green goblin.

3) if Batman is a Master of Ninjutsu then he has mastered the art of diception, he has a meca suit which can go toe and toe with Superman, he's is Anti-Superhuman, hes got that utility belt which is filled with goodies, not to mention he has bits of know how with science, mechanics, little bit of magic and has his way with using his money to get whatever he needs.

But Spider-Man has the luck of Loki, he also has his own ways of diception, almost all the styles of Kung-Fu under his belt mastered, the suit would not be much of a big difference since he has dealt with big mech suits before including Iron-Man's Hulk Buster Suit, he knows magic not scorcerer supreme magic but not too far off, not too much money but hes resourseful he'll make what he needs, but still he has his way with tech and science especially with radiation

4) now you have to take into the concequence that BATMAN IS NOT, NEVER WIL BE, CAN'T EVEN GAIN THE PERCEEVEMNENT that he is invinceable because he isn't given time to prepare he can gain a know-how to beat Spider-Man. But on the same token Spider-Man is doing the same but with who bats is and yeah

but in the end Spider-Man wins because of all the extra stuff has has dealt with

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