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savagelee 10/8/2009 11:23:22 AM

 axia777 - I remember when Peter went to the prison to kill the King Pin, and then pussied out, because he hasn't got what it takes to kick-ass like a grown-up. He's a lot of talk, but at the end of the day? It's just talk. He'll always be the first to back down, whereas The Bat won't stop until the fight is over.

Parker's a punk. The Bat is one of the most finely honed tools of human destruction to walk the earth. No contest.

Parker lucked into some powers which are actually at the low-end of the superhuman spectrum of things. The Bat spent his life becoming a weapon of pure white-hot rage. The Bat is way smarter. He's like Sherlock Holmes and Bruce Lee, but with crazy sci-fi weapons. Spider-man is a dude in tights who's kinda funny and can jump real high

silversurfer 10/8/2009 11:27:35 AM

Wiseguy & Savagelee:

Points well taken!  So would it be that both have discipline and show it in different ways?

I don't underestimate Spiderman and what he could do, but let's be honest: Who's going to intimidate you more, and who's known for it and who isn't? Who's more likely to beat the crap out of you to get an answer and who's not really goign to worry a whole hell of a lot about getting the answer in that way? 

Don't get me wrong: I'm not saying that no one beats Batman, because he's had his head handed to him many times, but for all of the ones that did it, they only did it ONCE. He does have morals, but they are far from the surface. Whereas Spiderman wears his on his red and blue sleeves.

These kind of debates are what this is all about! Good thread! 

They would make a good team up because Batman would think that he's a bit green and lives in la-la land, and Spiderman would probably be the one to ask him when was the last time he got laid and pass him Black Cat's address and phone number.

madmanic999 10/8/2009 11:27:38 AM

Dude, this is not about Marvel vs. DC... in fact although I love them both I would lean more toward the Batman as a personal favorite... but I know Spidey would kick his butt...

Could Batman catch Parker by surprise and take him down, of course he could (the guy beat Bane, Mr Freeze, Clay Face, Manbat etc.) but more often than not Spidey owns the Bat....

Like Pony boy said, I really can't imagine why these guys would fight in the first place, they would team up.

Now if the Bat fought Marvel guys more in his league (Punisher, Black Panther, Captain America, or my personal fav. matchup Dardevil) he wins hands down.

Still angry about the whole Superman/Hulk thing.  I'm a firm believer that fight is not as one sided as everyone assumes.

animefanjared 10/8/2009 11:31:53 AM

I'm inclined to think Batman would win, but it would be close.  Spidey has all of those superhuman powers, and has been consistantly portrayed as highly intelligent.  But Spidey's intelligence is more science-based, whereas Batman seems to have more street smarts and the invaluable ability to read people.  I think Batman would figure out Spidey's fighting style/tactics before the webslinger would figure out the Caped Crusader's.

And after they beat Doc Ock, you know Batman would go home and spend hours or days in the Batcave to figure out how to beat Spidey the next go-round.  After all, we're talking about a guy who's planned how he'd take down the ultimate superpowered boy scout (re. Superman).

TheSleeper 10/8/2009 11:39:59 AM

The only way Batman defeats Spidey is if he picks the time and place of battle, knows all of Spider-Man's capabilities beforehand, and specifically has everything set up to negate Spider-Man's superior powers.

They stumble into each other for the first time, Spidey has Batman webbed up with only a little bit of difficulty, to Batman's humiliation.

I think this "nobody defeats Batman" attitude is something fans feel Batman needs to have though, even if it's not true.  Because if somebody defeats Batman, then the mystique gets tarnished.  And Batman's 60% attitude and mystique.

Chopsaki 10/8/2009 11:41:22 AM

IRONMANIAC: "My B.S. Detector is tingling."

goldeneyez: "He'd just break out the Spider-man repelent & it would be game over."

savagelee: "The Bat is way smarter. He's like Sherlock Holmes and Bruce Lee, but with crazy sci-fi weapons. Spider-man is a dude in tights who's kinda funny and can jump real high."

Good stuff

violator14: "Spidey has pretty much an unlimited amount of webbing to catch Bat's ass in a dominatrix position for a reaming."


I'm more of a Batman fan but I have to admit that Spidey would win. Batman would fare better in a rematch after figuring out Spideys strengths & weaknesses and creating an arsenal of gadgets to help him even out the odds. But thats a big IF. Spidey for the win.

savagelee 10/8/2009 11:45:29 AM

 The Bat calculates. Nobody is better than him at what he does. And what he does is kick-ass. He doesn't even have to take names, because he knew everything about you, the day before yesterday. And he's never out of bubblegum. He's a recognized master of hundreds of forms of armed and unarmed combat, in his own world and many others.

Parker is just some nerd who can throw a car. He hasn't spent years traveling the world, studying and learning the full extent of his true potential. He hasn't beat down the barriers of human conditioning and earned the respect of mental and martial arts masters around the world. Parker can't hold down a job or a girlfriend. He sure can jump real high.

The Bat could probably find away around the Spider-Sense, and even if he couldn't? He'd have both of Parker's shoulder's dislocated, and a kneecap broken, within about six seconds, while Parker was still trying to come up with something funny to say. And knowing Parker, it wouldn't even be that funny.

TheSleeper 10/8/2009 11:49:18 AM

Sorry, savagelee.  Like I said before, I'm a big Batman fan.  But compared to Spidey, Batman might as well be an emo punk with some gadgets from the old Sharper Image catalog, and some karate moves he picked up at the Y.  There's no way he's going to land serious punches on Spider-Man, not when Spidey has literally dodged helicopter blades, automated Hobgoblin blasts, and mechanized tentacles.  He's just too fast.

karas1 10/8/2009 12:07:55 PM

This could only happen if Spiderman followed Doc Oc from another dimension (Earth M?) to Gotham.  Otherwise they WOULD have heard of eachother.  Siderman is in the papers all the time and J Jonah Jameson's editorial remarks aside, Batmaqn would know he was a good guy.   And with Batman in the Justice League and being mighty famous himself, Spidey would be familliar with him as well.

But I'd have to go with Batman.  He's prepared for every eventuality.  Even if he hadn't heard of Spiderman, he's fought enemies with super strength before and knows how to handle them.  I'm sure he's seen webbing and wall crawling before too.


KillerTomato 10/8/2009 2:32:09 PM

The first bout would totally go to Spidey, mostly because he's a lot more of an "on-the-fly" fighter, I mean he makes things up as he goes.  Batman would get his cape handed to him, the first time...but if the rematch ever came, that's when Batman would be on his game.  He's a thinking man fighter, he watches things, deducts things, weighs option, in the long run he'd figure out a way to handle the bug, but he'd have to have that first experience getting beat to figure out  his opponent, but once that was figured out...well then it's game over man...game over...

Now want a good mano e mano fight, the first contact between Batman and someone like Daredevil...now that's be a bit more of a fair fight.

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