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violator14 10/13/2009 2:51:08 PM

To be honest Inferno my comments were NOT directed to you. U were one of the ones that said spidey would win the first fight and anything else u said after that i can pretty much agree is possible. I was ONLY replying to your thread to me. My comments ARE directed to all the guys that said Batman would win hands down. Thx for the respect though. ditto to you.

Sugreev2001 10/14/2009 8:21:45 AM

Marvel has copied so many ideas from DC's stable of heroes,like Iron Man being almost a copy of Bruce Wayne but more comedic and wholesome.Spider Man basic story of being brought up by foster parents,and the death of the father figure leading him to change his path in life like Superman,also falling in love with a high school sweetheart.Even the Avengers is a direct rip-off of JLA,and X-men being a more refined and relatable version of the Doom Squad.

But I still love both comic book companiesand their characters,and I'm fiercly loyal to both of them.But I just put my Batman,Green Lantern and Superman above my favorites from Marvel comics.

On the topic of the above argument,I do belive something of that scenario would never arrive since both Batman and Spiderman have this righteous belief in good in all humanity.In face,like Superman and Bats,they would actually consider their relationship like mentor and protege.

TheSleeper 10/14/2009 10:34:07 AM

I don't buy the mentor and protege argument.  Spider-Man doesn't have too much to learn from Bats, and Bats isn't going to take lessons from Spidey, either.

Wiseguy 10/14/2009 11:33:47 AM

WOW this is still going, Batman has been knocked out already, give up

Inferno 10/14/2009 1:52:01 PM

Which Bats can use to fly _away_, tail tucked between his legs, if he likes.

Spidey has gone up against plenty of villains who can fly before. Goblin? Vulture?

If we're going into this "yeah, but if Bats had time to prepare for their second fight, he'd have all sorts of gadgets," then we might as well go to the third battle and state, for the record, that Spidey would have found a way to compensate for whatever Batman had come up with and kick Bat's butt yet again. He's that smart.

And if it's a matter of resources, he can always visit the Baxter building and ask Mr. Fantastic to help him whip something up to counteract Wayne tech.

Goblin and vulture? Your comparing a bat jet to a hover glider and wings? And compensate? Like what, punching a whole on a jet he can't touch?

And it's still Batman vs Spider-man. Where's does the FF come into this. Nice try, though


Wiseguy 10/15/2009 9:51:41 AM

Batman has been knocked out and he can't get up

Wiseguy 10/15/2009 10:12:03 AM

Aunt May said KNOCK YOU OUT

violator14 10/15/2009 10:39:23 AM

Ok here it is..... 

Spidey and bats meet up. SPidey shoots webs at batman's eyes, which batman PRobably dodges. Bats throws a batarang at spidey which he easily dodges. SPidey tries again but this time he shoots a GIant ass net webbing that batman cant dodge. By the time Batman gets out of this sticky situation, SPidey has Knocked him the hell out. It's as easy as that.  THe End.

keithdaniel 10/15/2009 11:23:47 PM

Inferno,all one has to do is examine the villians that each has fought. Batman could not take all of Spiderman's enemies. He could likely take Mysterio,Chameleon,Lizard,and Vulture but he would have more trouble with Green Goblin,Hobgoblin,Electro,and Sandman. Although Batman could take them with great effort,it would be far from a sure thing;especially with either of the goblins. I doubt he could take villians like Dr.Octopus,Venom,Carnage,The Fly,Scorpion,Rhino,and Demonic Hobgoblin. Spiderman on the other hand could defeat virtually any Batman villian and although he'd have more trouble with Bane,Croc,and Clayface;he'd still decisively take them in the end. One more thing,in a Batman vs. Spiderman scenario,if you had to choose between who to be...who would you choose given what each can personally do? Inferno,mentioning the Batplane was irrelevent because the scenario involved just Batman himself and what he has on him against Spiderman. In that case,would you really choose Batman in that second fight? You're basing your opinion largley on Batman being able to learn and then outsmart Spiderman the second time around as if Spiderman cannot learn from his battles and do the same! Parker's a scientist so I think he'd do that too! I'm not saying Batman cannot ever win but he'd have to have a lot go his way;knocking out Spiderman's spider-sense,catching him off-guard,and choosing a place where he would excel. Even then it wouldn't be a sure thing given Spiderman's abilities. However,the question wasn't who would win the 2nd battle between Batman and Spiderman! violator14,hear hear!!!  

midniteblack 5/1/2010 5:31:51 PM

Ok here's my opinion.

Batman would not EVER directly consult spiderman. The reason being batman would never just go charging into the villan head first in the first place. Since when has he ever. Batman always has a plan in mind before doing everything. His grapplng hook, zip line, explosives, etc... are all in his inventory. He can locate enimies using numbersous diffenent tracking devices. Batman is also physically and mentally at his peak. Spidey has gotten the abilities of spider in porportion.  Now NO I do not think that a flash bang and a smoke bomb, or a sonic sound grenade would stop spider sense. But the spider sense is not invincable. If any of you have ever read the Ultimate Spiderman comic books you would know that the spider sense actually, usually, doesnt help that much. If warns him of danger, not from where, not from what, but just says theres danger. I also think spiderman would have a hard time finding batman. If they ever did get into a collission, batman wouldnt get up close, he'd obsereve and wait for the moment to strike. Now honestly I was rooting for spiderman in this fight, and I too am sick and tired of this batman can beat down anyone bullshit. But I think it's true. He beat superman and bane, and all those other guys. If hulk attacked him, I think would pretty much go down about how things went with bane... the second time. If it were ironman, he would short out his suit.. with say an EMP? Or a sonic grenade or batarang. Even though I dont like to admit it, I think batman could infact, beat anyone.

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