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Has Spielberg Inherited Artificial Intelligence from Kubrick?

Project is one of three under consideration.

By Steve Biodrowski     December 09, 1999
Source: Daily Variety

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You thought 'A.I.,' Stanley Kubrick's unfilmed epic of artificial intelligence, had died along with the great director? Well, it seems Steven Spielberg fancies himself the heir to Kubrick's throne: he is writing a script based on Kubrick's treatment, a science fiction story set in the future. Also under consideration by Spielberg is MINORITY REPORT with Tom Cruise and a children's fantasy film based on one of the best selling Harry Potter books.

Kubrick had been developing A.I. for several years, behind his usual veil of secrecy. An official announcement was made, shortly after the release of JURASSIC PARK, to the effect that Kubrick felt digital effects technology had finally reached a level necessary to make the ambitious, futuristic story filmable. However, the project never materialized, apparently because Warner Brothers, the studio with which Kubrick was most closely associated since THE SHINING, was concerned about the budget. Instead, Kubrick turned his attention to EYES WIDE SHUT, another project he had been developing for many years. That film turned out to be Kubrick's last.

For science fiction fans still dazzled by the memory of 2001: A SPACY ODESSEY, this was a tremendous disappointment. The thought of Kubrick's return to the realm of science fiction seemed to promise another futuristic masterpiece, and with his death, it seemed the project would remain forever unrealized.

Spielberg, however, had befriended Kubrick during the last years of his life, and he has taken Kubrick's 80 page treatment and used it as the basis for a screenplay he is writing himself--his first since CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE FIRST KIND (although CE3K was handled by numerous other writers, according to Julia Phillips' book YOU'LL NEVER EAT LUNCH IN THIS TOWN AGAIN).


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