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Spielberg 'nagged' into doing INDIANA JONES 4

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By Christopher Allan Smith     July 02, 2002
Source: Chicago Sun Times

Steven Spielberg accepts the Saturn for best screenplay. (Copyright 2002 Sue Schneider)
© 2002 Sue Schneider

It looks like, despite recent announcements of a joyful return to the INDIANA JONES series, director Steven Spielberg wasn't so glad to be coming back.

"There was a little nagging," Spielberg told the Chicago Sun Times, admitting, "George Lucas nagged me a little bit on it. But the deal is that George, Harrison Ford, Kathleen Kennedy and I built a family in the '80s. It was a wonderful family. A nine-year family. We made three films in nine years. Now, I would like to go back and have some fun. I'm kind of saving the candy for the last one."

What the last comment might mean for the series, which many fans though got softer and more broadly comedic as it went on, is unknown.

What's more interesting is that Spielberg did not close the door to a INDIANA JONES 5.

"Oh, I don't know," Spielberg adds. "Of course, I said the third INDY would be the last one. And obviously it's not. So I can't even comment whether the fourth will be the last one or not. I'm not looking to redesign the wheel. I just want to continue the saga."

He also confirmed, again, wife Kate Capshaw will be returning to the series as Willie Scott of INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM fame.

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