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Hobbs 10/26/2011 12:09:01 PM

800 mil worldwide later, trust me Lucas, Stevie, and Harry are all laughing to the bank.

This is exactly what happened after the 3rd one came out.  Talk to George, we are working on it, we can't figure out a time to get together, the first script wasn't that good, etc,etc.  The only thing they don't have working on their side this time is time itself.  So either they'll film it in the next few years or they'll be talking about a 5th one until their death bed.

hanso 10/26/2011 12:24:46 PM

Hey Jarrod, can you point me to where it says Spielberg is blaming everything on Lucas?  All I see here is him talking about how Lucas wanted the aliens, which has always been the case.

Also, what does final cut of the flick have to do with the aliens?  Final cut means that after the movie has been shot, he has final say on the edit of the flick, what scenes stay in, etc. Once the script was set with aliens it was out of Spielberg's hands regardless if he had final cut on the film or not.  What was he suppose to do, cut out all the aliens scenes?

Finally, George Lucas is mofing douchebag, eff that mofo!  Ruined Star Wars and hasn't done sh.it since he hit big with SW.  Mofo became what he used to be against.

redvector 10/26/2011 12:43:22 PM

Kind of like the Occupy Wall Streeter's complaining about corporate greed and then getting in line for the new I-phone.

Jeremiah29 10/26/2011 1:07:45 PM

Raiders of The Lost Ark is such a classic because Lucas and Speilberg had all this creative energy back then. Lucas had a real inspiration to create a saturday matinee serial and he and Philip Kaufman came up with a great story to tell about the Ark. Laurence Kasdan was the right writer to flesh it out. Harrison was in his prime then. Spielberg really wanted to make his own James Bond movie and he got his chance with Raiders. You had a great movie because of all those elements came together. You call tell that that energy and inspiration isn't there anymore. Why keep making mediocre fims? The Crystal Skull was well produced and it was nice to see the character again, now in the 1950's. But that is all you can say for the film: It was nice to see him again. It's nothing nobody would want to watch again or revisit like they do with Raiders. What's going to make Indy 5 any better, esp with a 65 old Indy?

monkeyfoot 10/26/2011 1:15:03 PM

Crystal Skull wasn't a great film but I still found it enjoyable. I liked the plot idea of evil Communists, nuclear testing, and UFOs since all of these were prominent in the culture in the 50's. I also liked Karen Allen in it, too. But with these story elements I liked, what I found wanting was the execution of them, which comes down to Spielberg. I thought it was done in a pedestrian flat, just-for-the-money kind of way I'd expect from a lesser director. If you had given this exact script to Tarantino, or Fincher, or Nolan, or a number of other inspired filmmakers you might have had the special X factor that would have made it special.

monkeyfoot 10/26/2011 1:37:55 PM

Another thing I don't get is everybody so upset about the nuked fridge scene. Is this anymore incredible than strapping himself to a submarine periscope for hundreds of miles (or however he stayed on the deck of that sub) in the first, or jumping out of a crashing plane in an inflating raft and easily sliding down the side of a mountain to land safely in the water in the second? Are you looking at these two movies with the eyes of the kid you were when you first saw them so its alright but seeing Crystal Skull as an adult and thinking this time its too incredible?

Either way its just another day on the job for Dr. Jones.

CaptAmerica04 10/26/2011 2:25:04 PM

 I'm not gonna say anything that jackwagon didn't already sum up nicely.

And well said, Jarrod!

InnerSanctum 10/26/2011 2:34:37 PM

 You forgot the part where he admits that the "atom bomb refridgerator" was his "dumb" idea.   Glad Spielberg and I agree...their McGuffin blew.  Maybe Lucas should learn to play better with others.  After three bad Star Wars films and one horrible Indy flick...he should be open to others ideas.  

Tevii 10/26/2011 3:56:23 PM

Jarrod - excellent point. the Macguffin doesnt have anything to do with what was wrong with the movie in my opinion. The crap that made it less than the others was the stupid stuff like Shia swinging with the monkeys.

In fact the macguffin is just as relevant as the ark, stones, or grail. They are all about history, archeaology and the theories behind them. Just because one seems more realistic than the other to someone, that doesnt make it so. The simple fact they have the stones and the grail should spark controversy since they are opposing religions. Ancient Alien theory exists as well, so I have no issue with that.

SmokingFrog77 10/26/2011 4:21:30 PM

I enjoyed Crystal Skull - aside from the (rightly) much-maligned Shia/Tarzan/monkeys scene, and that fucking fridge thing. Seriously, what were they smoking? Aliens? Angels? 1000 year old Templars? Kali? What's the farking difference? It's unfortunate that the significant CGI kinda spoiled the attempt at a consistent visual style too, but there you go...

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