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death4sale 10/26/2011 8:52:30 PM

But George Lucas also owns the patent on the Indy character, so any changes made have to be run by him. There's also the pesky fact that Lucas is a producer on these films and the producer in any Hollywood production typically has more veto power than the director does since he's the man who hires the director and signs the checks. On these sets, Lucas reigns supreme. Spielberg didn't even want to direct part 4. Lucas kept bugging him until he agreed. It's on one of the special features for "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull."

vitieddie 10/26/2011 8:52:52 PM

i disagree with some of the posts - the alien sub plot spoilt the whole movie for me - i was ok with the swinging monkeys scene

the movie also lacked energy ... too much CGI etc ... bla bla

jmw2814 10/27/2011 7:15:53 AM

Indy 4 wasnt a bad movie. And the Alien (other demesnional beings) plot was no more far fetched than the supernatural religous plots of the others.

As for JP3 I enjoyed it much more than JP2. I like to forget that one even happened.

wish 10/27/2011 7:41:17 AM

RIGHT!  Because an ending with aliens isn't like Spielberg at all!!  Own it Steve, that's what you're paid to do!  You might be the hardest working guy in Hollywood, but that doesn't make it ok to pass the buck to you're whipping boy best friend!!  Some good points above, such as all three men signing off on the script and S.S. having final cut. 

I hate it when these guys come out years later and say how dissapointed or unhappy they were with either the whole thing or small aspects of thier movies, only because it makes me fear the endless parade of re-cuts and special editions that are sure to come!!

wish 10/27/2011 7:56:44 AM

also, didn't have a problem with the nuked fridge, that was classic Indy escaping danger as far as I'm concerned!  And how many people have seen a fridge from the 50's?  I actually believe you could survive a direct hit by hiding inside one!  put tracks on it and you could invade Poland!!  The tree swinging shit was laughable, but not a deal breaker, all in all there was just a lack of magic or heart or whatever it was that made all 3 of the 80's films so endearing, so a 5th?  I dunno, maybe not, I'm getting pretty tired of seeing old stories remade or brought back for the sake of nostalgia.  I'm not interested in anything new by Spielberg or Lucas these days, it really does seem like they've just run out of steam. 

How about for Jurassic Park 4 you feature Lucas, Spielberg and Cameron terrorizing a small island while they compete for space to re-shoot thier top money-earning franchise's!  That would be a scary dinosaur movie indeed!!!

DarthoftheDead 10/27/2011 10:52:04 AM

Totally agree with U Wish......also agree about J.P. 3, it was waaaaaaay better than J.P. 2

TremorDeth 10/27/2011 1:37:00 PM

I liked Crystal Skull... I'll await the flames...

Wiseguy 10/27/2011 1:53:09 PM

I was very dsappointed with Crystal Skull when it first came out but I admit that I have grown to appreciate it more. When I watched the entire Indy run it doesn't feel that much, if at all, out of place within the mythology. 

I love these guys but damn if Lucas' friends are all like Spielberg then he surely doesn't need enemies. Weren't they all suppose to agree on the script before moving forward? so neither Lucas, Spielberg or Harrison should make any excuses

And I don't like Spielberg talking about JP3 like that, dude part 2 was worse. Except for the scene where the T-Rex attacks the camper, that was pretty sweet. No need to take shots at others 

charmer 10/27/2011 3:27:15 PM

@Jarrod: Speilberg wasn't blaming everything on Lucas.  In fact, he even took the blame for the fridge scene.

Read the complete Empire interview for yourself: it's there.

conundrum 10/27/2011 4:49:47 PM

Many people believe that because George came up with Star Wars that he is some gifted writer  (including George himself).  It just isn't so.  Most of the stuff he writes is drek that other writers fix to make it passable.  This became evident with the SW prequels.  bad dialog, bad acting, questionable directing.  I don't dispute the man has an imagination and has made many innovations in filmmaking, but a writer and director he is not.  His massive ego ruined the prequels, believing his own hype. 

Spielberg should write the next Indy, and direct it and leave Lucas to produce or so whatever he does to earn a paycheck.

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