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Spielberg talks love of genre, why he doesn't do lots of sequels


By Christopher Allan Smith and Chris Wyatt     June 11, 2002

Director Steven Spielberg
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After receiving two Saturn Awards for his work on A.I.: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE at the 28th Annual Saturn Awards last night in Century City, CA, Steven Spielberg talked about why he doesn't do what a lot of genre filmmakers do, which is engage in sequel after sequel to successful movies.

"I won't do another CLOSE ENCOUNTERS," he said. "I won't do another E.T. ; but the great thing about science fiction is that it celebrates the imagination. Science fiction is great for originals. So I'll do a lot of original sci-fi, to make up for all the sequels I'm not doing."

He talked about how happy he was to get an award for his script for A.I.

"I've never won anything in my life for writing," he said, smiling. "I think I got an honorable mention in high school for a paper I'd written, but this is my first real award for writing."

He also addressed the mixed critical and audience reaction to the film.

"If there's enough Kubrick in it," Spielberg said, about Stanley Kubrick who originated A.I. , "than people will look back at it and grow to appreciate it, but if there's too much of me in it, then those people are going to keep on not liking it."

For coverage of all the news made at last night's Saturn Awards, check back in this news section all week.

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