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Rachel McAdams in "The Dark Knight"? (Article) - 1/30/2007 5:17:01 AM

Rachel McAdams is a quantum leap ahead of where Katie Holmes is. I really can't stand Holmes, to be honest. In BB it looked like her skin was falling off her face... She's gonna age terribly, that's for sure. Rachel McAdams, on the other hand, is one of the most radiant, beautiful girls in Hollywood. She would drastically improve one of the few weak points from Batman Begins. I really hope she signs on.

Battlestar Galactica to upset fans? (Article) - 1/20/2007 3:12:25 PM

Starbuck is probably a logical choice... She wouldn't upset everything as much as an Adama death would, but it would still turn a lot of things upside down and stir up a lot of feelings in a lot of people... Adama, Tigh, Apollo, Cat, Starbuck's husband, Dualla, the President... there'd be a lot of characters upset by the death. That being said I kind of think it still might be the President. If they do it properly the assassination itself could stir up a lot of emotions in the fleet and among the viewers... it would all depend on how it happened, who did it, whether a new cylon was revealed etc...

"The Departed" sequels? (Article) - 1/20/2007 3:04:17 PM

SPOILERS for Original Films..... If I'm not mistaken I believe Infernal Affairs II is a prequel... It would allow all the original cast to come back. Infernal Affairs III, however, faces the problem mallet described. Matt Damon's character not only lives in the original, but expresses remorse for the actions he'd taken. He turns himself in and visits the grave of DiCaprio's character, if I remember correctly. I haven't seen all of Infernal Affairs II, however, so I'm not sure how much the sequel centers on/involves Damon's character. The degree of difficulty in adapting the sequel will obviously be tied to how involved Damon's character was.

"The Departed" sequels? (Article) - 1/20/2007 4:27:34 AM

While I agree that you don't /shouldn't do sequels to original movies like Snatch, Se7en, and Fight Club, does the same rule apply to adaptations/remakes? Especially when considering Infernal Affairs was part of a trilogy? Granted, Parts II and III were as much byproducts of the original's commercial success as they were extensions of the story. But if they work as a trilogy, and were marketed as a trilogy, where's the harm in adapting them for an American audience? Also it's worth nothing that Brad Pitt and his Plan B Productions company produced The Departed. Kinda funny considering you didn't even realize those first three movies were all Pitt movies to begin with!

Small Screen, Big Screen: Star Trek (Article) - 12/19/2006 2:23:23 AM

I was gonna comment on the Goldsmith thing, but it looks like you got there first... I will say though, that while Nemesis was a financial disaster, Insurrection was by far the worst of the newer Treks. I also thought that First Contact was by far the best of the recent additions. I'm not sure which direction will be a winner for the franchise, but Abrams isn't the first to think a reboot is the right way to go. J. Michael Straczynski also proposed the idea a few years ago (although the concept was a little different).

Robert Downey Jr. is IRON MAN (Article) - 9/29/2006 5:59:41 AM

I have to say... I'm rather intrigued by this casting. I can't stand Tom Cruise and am relieved he won't be in it... I NEVER would have thought of Downey, but I really think it could work... If Toby McGuire can succeed as Spider Man (should have been Jake Gyllenhaal, obviously) the Downey can definately pull off Iron Man and Tony Stark... I'm just trying to think of who could have been better, and no one is coming to mind... The problem is Tony Stark's maturity, and there aren't many actors out there that fit in between the Matt Damons and the Harrison Fords of the world. Clive Owen, maybe? I'm a big fan of his, and he seems to be the right age... but I don't see him as Tony Stark, I guess... In any even, definately an interesting decision.

Uwe Boll goes boxing (Article) - 9/27/2006 3:53:26 AM

I guess that's what you get when you throw a bunch of nerds in against a guy that believes in his own crappy crappy product, huh?

Jim Caviezel is OUTLANDER (Article) - 9/26/2006 6:57:25 AM

Predator meets 13th Warrior?


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