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Spotnitz talks X-FILES

Likens Mulder's quest to reach for God

By Melissa J. Perenson     March 01, 2002

The 9th season cast of THE X-FILES
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In an exclusive interview with CINESCAPE magazine, X-FILES executive producer Frank Spotnitz reveals that this weekend's episode, "Provenance," is the first installment of two which delve deeper into the mystery of Scully's baby and ties the present mythology into that from the earlier years.

Expect the alien spacecraft drawings -- seen several seasons back in "Biogenesis" and "The Sixth Extinction" -- to resurface, as will the idea "of religion versus aliens," said Spotnitz. "That idea really became important to the show at the end of the fourth season, and has remained important to the show up through this season. What we realized after spending years with the subject matter is that so much of the quest for aliens is, in a way, a quest for God. And so much of people's desire and need to know that there's extraterrestrial life is much like the desire and need to know there's a God."


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