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Spring is Here

James gets twitterpated

By James Stevenson     April 04, 2003

It's springtime, it's getting warm outside and the air is fresh. There's rain, and the first sunny warm days of the year are hitting here in Lincoln, Nebraska. What life like for me when it's actually warm enough to go outside instead of sitting inside playing ANIMAL CROSSING?

The best part of Spring is just getting outside period. As a college student, I have quite a bit of reading to do. And I'm not opposed to laying out on the grass while reading a book that I need to get through for a class. Besides studying outdoors, I am quite the fan of the Nebraska Cornhusker Baseball team. Students get in for free, so it's just a fifteen-minute walk over to the baseball park to watch my boys play.

So besides baseball, rain showers, taking walks, and just

World Series Baseball 2K2

enjoying the great outdoors, I love my car. I drive a 1977 MG-B that just makes me appreciate driving for the pure sake of driving. There is just nothing better than a beautiful day with the top down, the smell of an MG (yeah, I know, I rave about the smell of a new game, and I rave about the smell of a make of car), and just you and the road. It's a great time.

Videogames don't play a large part of my Springs usually of course, that is always broken by something, AMPLITUDE and THE WIND WAKER have gotten a fair chunk of my time, and Sega's WORLD SERIES BASEBALL 2K3 is pretty great as well (especially since I'm in such a baseball loving mood). But really, I don't want to be cooped up inside, I want to get out and be in the sun.

Some friends of mine have taken this to a different level. In my dorm, all of the students are part of an intensive honors program that revolves a lot around computer use. We're all issued laptops that are definitely not gaming machines, but they can handle some of the older HALF-LIFE games.

So it just so happens that TEAM FORTRESS CLASSIC has been making a comeback around here, because you can play it on the laptops. Someone set up a server, and within days we were getting back into this classic game. Normally we'd all have to play from the comfort of our rooms, but it just so happens that the building is equipped with a wireless network.

So what are a bunch of nerds to do? It's too nice to stay inside, but there are bragging rights at stake. Out to the balcony they went, laptops and power strip in hand. Next thing you knew there are a bunch of nerds sitting around playing a first-person shooter against each other on the balcony.

No wonder gamers get a bad rap, we even have to take our addiction outside. Not that I'm passing judgement... but I do find it pretty funny that we bitch about stereotypes and then take our laptops outside to play. Point is, next time you bitch about a girl not liking you for playing videogames, remember the nerds on the balcony. And as Bill O'Reilly would say, "That's the memo."


DRIVER 3 has been delayed... STAR WARS GALAXIES has entered the third phase of beta testing after a delay... BATTLEFIELD 1942: SECRET WEAPONS OF WWII has been announced...Blizzard has cracked down on WARCRAFT III and DIABLO II cheaters... APE ESCAPE II will be release for the PlayStation 2 this July.


If you're looking for a fun game to pick up this week,


you probably can't go wrong with Rockstar's MIDNIGHT CLUB II. For the RPG fanatics out there, FINAL FANTASY ORIGINS for the PlayStation One will allow you to play remakes of the first two games in the series. The second one was never released in the U.S. so it's a good chance to check it out.

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