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Batman: Arkham Origins Gameplay Demo

Demo Play and Info

By Robert T. Trate     June 12, 2013
Source: IGN

IGN has uploaded and interview and demo for the Batman: Arkham City sequel, Batman: Arkham Origins. The new game premiered this week at E3. You’ll get a ton of footage and information here on the third installment of Batman: Arkham Saga. The game takes place on Christmas Eve and features Black Mask as the chief heavy. He has put a price on Batman’s head and the world's greatest assassins are are after him/ you. 


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BunyonSnipe 6/12/2013 3:03:24 PM

I gotta say as much as i dislike some of their design choices (Bane) and Batman is a little too bulky, I LOVE this version of the Batsuit...

It's the perfect cross of the Alex Ross design and the Nolanverse suit...

Maybe something like this for the big screen reboot?

hanso 6/12/2013 4:34:10 PM

 Its gonna own!

Rizing 6/13/2013 12:15:29 AM

The trailers are spectacular!

When it comes to Batman, the games and the cartoons are usually more exciting, more in depth than the live-action movies.

Daybreak0100 6/13/2013 7:45:18 AM

 @Rizing.    Unfortunately you are right. But I'm hoping with the success of MOS things will begin to change. I could of thought of some epic things that could've happened in TDKR, like an actual "croc" in the sewers, tormenting/killing the trapped police. Bane could've used the reactor as a type of energy source to grow or enchance himself.. sorry for the ramble.

Anyway. Game looks legit. 

Shogunn2517 6/13/2013 10:21:03 AM

 One of the things I'm looking forward to more is the newer enemies, the martial arts expert, that can counter your counters.  Sounds like its gonna be a lot of fun if any of the other 8 assassins are playable along with Deathstroke.  Perhaps Deadshot, Bane and others.

tallman 6/13/2013 11:36:50 AM

 Game seems very samey to me. I've got the other 2 Arkham games and will prob end up with this but not for a while.



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