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Square wants in on GameCube

But does Nintendo want Square?

By James Stevenson     July 13, 2001
Source: Los Angeles Times

FINAL FANTASY: THE SPIRITS WITHIN director Hironobu Sakaguchi
© 2001 Square Pictures

In a recent interview with the LOS ANGELES TIMES, Final Fantasy creator and Square executive vice president Hironobu Sakaguchi revealed that Squaresoft is definitely interested in developing for the NINTENDO GAMECUBE.

While the interview focused on FINAL FANTASY: THE SPIRITS WITHIN, Mr. Sakaguchi was asked if FINAL FANTASY XI would come to the the XBOX or GAMECUBE.

"That certainly is a possibility," Sakaguchi said. "In fact, executives at Square are very enthusiastic about Nintendo. Square is moving into online games. FINAL FANTASY XI, which will be released next year, will be a fully online game. To make that work, you have to transcend hardware. If we want to do financially well online, we need to exist across all consoles."

While Square would like to develop for Nintendo, the reception by Nintendo Company Limited has been more than cold.

Cinescape will have more information when it breaks.


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