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Stan Lee and Aaron Sowd are 'MasterMinds'

By Rob M. Worley     February 25, 2008

Comics2Film buddy Aaron Sowd is animating his wonderful web comic 'MasterMinds' for the all-new media, and he's got none other than Stan "The Man" Lee providing voices for the show!

Sowd chatted up Famous Magazine Online about developing the CG animated toon for Famous Frames Mobile Interactive.

"Stan never sits still. He’s not happy unless he’s working. He’s got more energy than any kid I know and he still tosses out story ideas like they were candy," Sowd said.

"Stan is providing the voice of the narrator. After growing up listening to him narrate 'Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends', it just about blew our minds when we first heard him reading our lines!"

First published on the website 'MasterMinds' is the story of five freakish felons who have only one thing standing between them and global domination: each other. The group, led by the Maniacal Monocle, includes mad scientist Doktor Pimento, giant robot CPU-571, mobster Vinnie DiThug and the mutant monkey Gorilla King. Ultimately, their dream of being able to call the shots for one day is marred by overly complicated plans and infighting.

"In the beginning, I was just having fun, creating a cartoon that I would want to watch," Sowd said of the genesis of the project. "Too many cartoons these days forget that kids’ cartoons are something that parents will want to watch with their kids. I think Brad Bird has brought back that classic sensibility with 'Iron Giant' and more recently, 'The Incredibles'. If we can aspire to come anywhere close to that, we’ll be thrilled!"

Click through for a clip from the new show, featuring Stan Lee's undeniable voice talents, and more from the interview.


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