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Stan the Man Adapts Spider-Man Movie!

Legendary Spider-Man creator Stan Lee will pen the comic book adaptation of the upcoming feature film

By Arnold T. Blumberg     July 21, 2001
Source: Marvel Comics

It's an announcement sure to send a shiver up the spine of Spider-Man fans everywhere and set their spider-sense a-tingling. Stan "The Man" Lee, one of the living legends of the medium and the mind behind Peter Parker and his arachnid alter ego, will himself handle the scripting chores on the comic book adaptation of Sam Raimi's SPIDER-MAN movie!

Scheduled to coincide with the May 2002 release of the Sony feature film, the adaptation will be the first salvo in a major marketing push in support of the feature. Marvel Marketing Communications Manager Bill Rosemann noted that this will be the first of "a wide variety of comic books and trade paperbacks keying into the guaranteed hit film. It wouldn't be a party without Stan!"

Senior Editor Ralph Macchio concurs. "As co-creator of the wise-cracking wall-crawler, Stan is the perfect pick to write the adaptation. For it was Stan himself who first wrote the Marvel Mantra: 'With great power, there must also come great responsibility.'"

For Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada, deciding who should write this historic comic was a responsibility he was prepared to accept.

"When I was asked for suggestions as to who should write the Spidey movie adaptation, my response was simple: I don't have any suggestions, but I do have a demand no one should be doing this whose name doesn't begin with Stan and end in Lee!"

"This is just one more feather in Mighty Marvel's cap this year," gushes Quesada. "It's so great having Stan return to the character that started it all at the height of his popularity! As I've told everyone here at Marvel, Dad's coming back home quick, everyone, look busy and spruce up the joint!"

And that's not all! Word is that Alan Davis will join Lee and provide artwork for this historic event.


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