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domino2008 7/18/2012 10:51:13 PM

Im glad they picked the ' WINTERSOLDIER "  story for the next film , an even the title . It would had cheated the Actor who is playing Bucky if it wasnt written that way . Fans expected this and im glad they got it along with an extra character " Falcon " .  it was for Cap to have a sidekick . When I went to see Blade , in the movies , it wasnt cuz of Wesley Snipes , it was cuz  i liked the movie . Jackson as Fury in the films , does work , sometimes changing things doesnt work , like Will Smith in Wild Wild West . I just wanna see a good movie !

FerretJohn 7/19/2012 4:46:01 PM

@lusiphur - you are incorrect about Heimdall, he's Asgardian (well, I guess you can call him an alien, but you'd have to call Thor an alien too) and Watchman of the Rainbow Bridge.  Also, side note, they recently brought the black Nick Fury AND agent Phil Coulson into the main Marvel universe.  In this case the black Fury is Nick Fury Jr, recently revealed son of Marvels chief spymaster with a former intelligence agent/lover who went into hiding before Nick Jr's birth to protect him from his fathers enemies, joined SHIELD, lost his eye, and was given the last of Fury Sr's Infinity Formula when he found out who his father is.  Possibly Marvel brought him in with plans to eventually retire Nick Sr.

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