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Stan Winston Criticizes Tom Hanks

Winston takes Hanks to task for the actor's dislike of digital actors.

By Frank Kurtz     July 10, 2001

Stan Winston in the midst of a design meeting
© 2001 Stan Winston Studio

One day after Tom Hanks candidly admitted to being "troubled" about the coming of digital actors, a la FINAL FANTASY: THE THE SPIRITS WITHIN, FX master Stan Winston has gone public taking him to task.

While promoting JURASSIC PARK III, Winston gave his take on Hank's comments, saying, "That's a foolish remark from Tom Hanks, he will always have an audience. Why not see a brilliant performance from a (computer generated) actor? That doesn't mean I don't want to see what Al Pacino's going to do, one doesn't affect the other, it's just another way of telling a story."

He adds, "Every time there's a new technology, some actor out there thinks they'll lose their job, it's ridiculous to think that way."

Still, Winston does that that even though JURASSIC PARK III did create digital dinosaurs, real on-set creations were also used to interact with the thesps. Winston says, "Any actor will say 50 percent acting is reacting. You must give the actor as much to work with as possible."


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