Stan Winston's plans for a DARK CRYSTAL-esque feature -

Comic-Con International Exclusive

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Stan Winston's plans for a DARK CRYSTAL-esque feature

The legendary effects man looks to produce his own all-puppet feature

By Eric Moro     July 20, 2001

Legendary effects man Stan Winston
© 2001 Stan Winston Studio

While promoting his work on the upcoming TIME MACHINE remake for DreamWorks at the Comic-Con International: San Diego, creature creator Stan Winston let slip to CINESCAPE his involvement in a possible all-puppet feature film, a la Jim Henson's DARK CRYSTAL.

"We're talking about it right now," says Winston. "Stan Winston Productions is doing it and I think now is the time to see that type of movie because [audiences] are always looking for something new to look at. It's all a matter of different ways of storytelling. You'll always want to see a good cel animated film; you'll want to see the best CG animated film you can see; you'll want to see films that are live action like JURASSIC PARK with actors and fantasy characters that are a combination of technology. We now need to see the type of film where all the characters, a la a SHREK, are live action, fantastic characters and its another way of looking at a film other than just looking at a film and saying, 'What a great animated film.' So [the answer to that is] doing a film like a SHREK, but doing it live action."

In a creating a feature of this nature, the effects man would utilize a technology more advanced than the straight puppetry used in DARK CRYSTAL, but not something he would have to create entirely from scratch.

"We would use the kind of technology that we did with A.I.," says Winston. "The same way we did Teddy every bit of Teddy's up close performance is all live. Long running shots are CG, but it's a character that acts and is alive and to see a world of fantasy characters that are based in reality is something I'm definitely going to do."

As for more specific details regarding the film's the plot, Winston remained tight-lipped noting, "I can't go into it because I'm in the process of working out deals right now, so it's premature."


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