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  • Reviewed Format: Limited Edition Busts
  • Manufacturer: Sideshow Toy
  • Retail Price: $40.00 each


Sideshow heads for the final frontier of toy licenses

By Scott Collura     June 06, 2003

For all the visual dazzle and complexity of mythology that the newer versions of STAR TREK have afforded us, there's no denying that the core sensibility of what originally made TREK great has been somewhat diluted in the modern age of the franchise. The heart of CLASSIC TREK was its troika of characters, Mister Spock, Dr. McCoy and Captain Kirk. Those indelible representatives of logic, humanity, and the balance of reason between the two are the reason why we all love the original series so much to this day, and now one of the great toymakers of today is doing its part to immortalize these classic characters.

Sideshow Toy is well known for its excellent sculpts and high-end action figures for many a movie and TV series, from the Classic Universal Monsters and THE TWILIGHT ZONE to James Bond and LORD OF THE RINGS. Now they're offering their special touch to STAR TREK with the company's first foray into the final frontier. Available now are two handsome polystone busts based on Captain James T. Kirk and Mister Spock, and one couldn't ask for a nicer keepsake from the old series.

Each piece is 7-inches in height, hand cast and hand finished, and sculpted by Oluf W. Hartvigson. Captain Kirk is represented in all his studly late '60s glory, complete with flowing coif and a determined, steely look on his face that is practically saying, "Come on you Klingon bastards, just try me!" The bust doesn't stretch much beyond Kirk's shoulders, but it does arch down low enough on his chest so that we can see his old series insignia and famous gold Starfleet tunic. The insigniacomplete with branch of service signageshows up again in larger form on the black base that supports the piece, right above old Jim's name.

Spock's bust

Sideshow Toy's Spock bust

is perhaps the better of the two here, if only because Hartvigson's sculpt truly nails Leonard Nimoy's look from that era in a way that I've rarely seen done elsewhere. The specifications of the piece are the same as Kirk'sbase with insignia and name, height and dimensions, etc.though of course Spock has one feature that Kirk doesn't: those pointy ears. Here Hartvigson and Sideshow perhaps take some small liberty in that the ears seem a bit more pronounced than they were on the show, but it works well, as does the science officer's trademark pensive gaze. The only thing missing is his archetypal raised eyebrow! In fact, my wife liked this one so much that she already snatched it from me and now has it on her desk at work.

But where's the third member of our triumvirate, you ask? Never fear, for Sideshow does have a Dr. McCoy bust slated for release in July/August of this year. Look for Scotty at the same time, but in the meanwhile THE NEXT GENERATION is getting the same treatment with Picard and Data pieces that are due by July (funny how Data has supplanted Riker in recent years as Picard's right-hand man). The NEXT GENERATION busts are similar to those from CLASSIC TREK in that they offer the characters in their TV incarnations, though of course Picard and Data's more modern communicator insignias adorn their bases. Additionally, very cool takes on the Gorn Captain and Captain Kolothboth from the original serieswill be offered exclusively through Sideshow's web site this summer. Unfortunately, there's no sign of a green-skinned Orion Slave Girl bust... yet.

Each limited edition bust will range between 4,000 and 6,000 pieces, and Sideshow also has similar pieces from THE SIMPSONS in the pipeline, so place your orders now!

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