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STAR TREK DVD/Blu Arrives in November

Latest Star Trek Blockbuster on DVD in November 2009.

By Jarrod Sarafin     July 17, 2009
Source: Paramount Pictures

Chris Pine as James T. Kirk in J.J. Abrams' STAR TREK(2009).
© Paramount Pictures

This year audiences thrilled at the triumphant voyage of the Starship Enterprise and her young and vibrant crew in movie theaters across the planet--and on November 17, 2009, the world will go where no one has gone before when STAR TREK debuts as a three-disc Blu-ray with digital copy, two-disc DVD with digital copy and a single-disc DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment. Bursting with "spectacular action" (Hollywood Reporter) and "pure filmmaking exhilaration" (Rolling Stone) director J.J. Abrams' sensational reinvention of the "Star Trek" franchise was hailed by critics and embraced by long-time and new fans alike, earning over $375 million at the worldwide box office. Starring a hot young cast including Chris Pine (Carriers), Zachary Quinto ("Heroes"), Zoe Saldana (Avatar), Karl Urban (The Bourne Supremacy), John Cho (Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle), Anton Yelchin (Terminator Salvation) and Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead), the global smash hit also features seasoned actors such as Eric Bana (Munich), Bruce Greenwood (National Treasure: Book of Secrets), Winona Ryder (Girl, Interrupted) and the original Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy.

"I cannot wait for fans of Star Trek to check out the home entertainment release of the film. The behind-the-scenes features on the DVD -- and especially the Blu-ray -- give a wonderful look at the crazy hard work and incredible fun that went into making this movie," said J.J. Abrams. "The cast and crew were truly extraordinary to work with -- watching these special features, you'll see why. And for people who didn't catch Star Trek in the theater, I hope they do now, as Paramount has done an exceptional job with this release; the picture and sound quality are both excellent."

The STAR TREK DVD and Blu-ray will boast out-of-this-world special features to take viewers even further into the new universe of the rousing space adventure. The two-disc DVD and three-disc Blu-ray include in-depth explorations of the reimagining of the franchise, the phenomenal cast, the spectacularly real action sequences, the powerful score and the captivating aliens, commentary by J.J. Abrams, the writers and producers, a gag reel and a digital copy of the film. Additionally, the discs feature compelling deleted scenes that reveal a side story involving Nero with a first-ever look at Abrams' version of the infamous warrior Klingons.

The STAR TREK Blu-ray boldly ventures beyond the final frontier with over three hours of sensational bonus footage including branching pods that allow for enhanced exploration, more fascinating features on the starships, planets, props, costumes and sound of STAR TREK, as well as a Starfleet Vessel Simulator and access to the latest NASA news about real-life space exploration via BD-Live.

The two-disc DVD and three-disc Blu-ray will also offer a home entertainment first: groundbreaking augmented reality technology. Using a webcam, a Star Trek visual cue will morph into a 3D holographic tour of the U.S.S. Enterprise on the screen, providing a unique immersive and interactive experience.


The STAR TREK two-disc DVD is presented in widescreen enhanced for 16:9 televisions with Dolby Digital English 5.1 Surround, French 5.1 Surround and Spanish 5.1 Surround with English, French and Spanish subtitles. Special features are as follows:

Disc 1:

* Commentary--By director J.J. Abrams, writers Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman, producer Damon Lindelof and executive producer Bryan Burk.
* A New Vision-- J.J. Abrams' vision was not only to create a Star Trek that was a bigger, more action-packed spectacle, but also to make the spectacle feel real. Every aspect of production--from unique locations to the use of classic Hollywood camera tricks--was guided by this overall objective.
* Gag Reel--Bloopers featuring the entire principal cast.

Disc 2:

* Digital Copy
* Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary
o Spock Birth
o Klingons Take Over Narada
o Young Kirk, Johnny and Uncle Frank
o Amanda and Sarek Argue After Spock Fights
o Prison Interrogation and Breakout
o Sarek Gets Amanda
o Dorm Room and Kobayashi Maru (original version)
o Kirk Apologizes to the Green Girl
o Sarek Sees Spock
* To Boldly Go-- Taking on the world's most beloved science fiction franchise was no small mission. Director J.J. Abrams, writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, producer Damon Lindelof, and executive producer Bryan Burk talk about the many challenges they faced and their strategy for success.
* Casting-- The producers knew their greatest task was finding the right cast to reprise these epic roles. The cast, for their part, talk about the experience of trying to capture the essence of these mythic characters. The piece concludes with a moving tribute to Leonard Nimoy.
* Aliens-- Designers Neville Page and Joel Harlow talk about the hurdles they faced creating new alien species, recreating the Romulans and Vulcans, and designing the terrifying creatures on Delta Vega for the new Star Trek.
* Score-- As a fan of the original series, composer Michael Giacchino embraced the challenge of creating new music for Star Trek while preserving the spirit of Alexander Courage's celebrated theme.
* DVD-Rom:
o STAR TREK D-A-C Free Trial Game for XBOX 360
o Weblink to the STAR TREK D-A-C Free Trial Game for PC
o Weblink to the STAR TREK D-A-C Free Trial Game for PlayStation Network


The STAR TREK three-disc Blu-ray is presented in 1080p High Definition with English 5.1 Dolby TrueHD, French 5.1 Dolby Digital and Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital with English, English SDH, French, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles. Special features are as follows:

Disc 1:

* Commentary--By director J.J. Abrams, writers Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman, producer Damon Lindelof and executive producer Bryan Burk.
* NASA News-- This BD-Live feature gives viewers access to the latest NASA news about real space exploration. Learn about new mission developments and check out featured imagery from around the universe.

Disc 2:

* To Boldly Go--See description above.
o Branching Pods:
+ The Shatner Conundrum
+ Red Shirt Guy
+ The Green Girl
+ Trekker Alert!
* Casting--See description above.
* A New Vision--See description above.
o Branching Pods:
+ Savage Pressure
* Starships--Abrams and production designer Scott Chambliss were careful to pay tribute to the design of the original Enterprise, but they also wanted to make it futuristic and cool for a modern audience. This chapter focuses on the unique stories behind the creation of the film's starships.
o Branching Pods:
+ Warp Explained
+ Paint Job
+ Bridge Construction Accelerated
+ The Captain's Chair
+ Button Acting 101
+ Shuttle Shuffle
+ Narada Construction Accelerated
* Aliens--See description above.
o Branching Pods:
+ The Alien Paradox
+ Big-Eyed Girl
+ Big Bro Quinto
+ Klingons
+ Drakoulias Anatomy 101
* Planets-- From the frozen landscape of Delta Vega to the desert plains of Vulcan, Scott Chambliss and the art department had a number of radically different planets to create. Abrams' desire to shoot on real locations whenever possible led the production team to a number of strange and surprising locations.
o Branching Pods:
+ Extra Business
+ Confidentiality
* Props and Costumes-- Property master Russell Bobbitt had the unique challenge of designing props that were both true to the original series and pertinent to today's technology. Likewise, costume designer Michael Kaplan talks about how he designed costumes that paid homage to what came before yet were relevant and timeless.
o Branching Pods:
+ Klingon Wardrobe
* Ben Burtt and the Sounds of Star Trek-- When famed sound designer Ben Burtt was hired to create sounds for the first Star Wars film, he took his inspiration from the original "Star Trek" series. Burtt jumped at the opportunity to pay tribute to the sounds that sparked his career with the sounds he created for the new Star Trek.
* Score--See description above.
* Gene Roddenberry's Vision-- J.J. Abrams, Leonard Nimoy, previous Star Trek writers and producers, and scientific consultant Carolyn Porco describe and commend the optimistic and enduring vision of Gene Roddenberry.
* Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary--See details above.
* Starfleet Vessel Simulator--Explore extensive data on the U.S.S. Enterprise and the Romulan ship, the Narada. Submerse yourself in breathtaking 360 views and close-ups and review detailed tech information.
* Gag Reel--See description above.

Disc 3:

* Digital Copy
* STAR TREK D-A-C Free Trial Game for XBOX 360
* Weblink to the STAR TREK D-A-C Free Trial Game for PC
* Weblink to the STAR TREK D-A-C Free Trial Game for PlayStation Network

The STAR TREK single-disc DVD is presented in widescreen enhanced for 16:9 televisions with Dolby Digital English 5.1 Surround, French 5.1 Surround and Spanish 5.1 Surround with English, French and Spanish subtitles. The single-disc DVD includes the commentary, "A New Vision" and the gag reel.




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therockdltj 7/17/2009 9:30:51 AM

sounds sweet

Hobbs 7/17/2009 9:34:11 AM

I own most of the ST movies but I'm on the fence with this one...I loved seeing beloved characters on the big screen again even if they were played by someone else and most of the special effects were really good but I have a huge problem with the story...I think it kinda was so-so, it was a C minus and I'll keep arguing that one for a long time.

I truly believe this movie is going to have a short shelf life.  Once you guys get past your honeymoon stage you have with it you are going to see the same things I see wrong with the story. 

StarlightGuard 7/17/2009 10:12:47 AM

yeah, you guys already know I'm agreeing with hobbs on this...only with more passion....

all the spectacle cannot make or replace a good story

besides, Orci and Kurtzman are really just bubblegum the guys who did Britney Spears' albums back in the late 90's....fireworks today, burned out trash tomorrow

spiderhero 7/17/2009 10:53:40 AM

I guess Hobbs and I were on the same page from the start. This just didn't seem like Star Trek to me.Too much Willie Wonka & Galaxy Quest to be taken as serious Trek.

dragon261 7/17/2009 12:22:49 PM

I agree I just thought it was ok storywise. Chris Pine was a crappy choice as Kirk. Simon Pegg as Scotty was another stupid choice he made a beloved character come across as a buffoon.  The movie just doesn't hold up on a second viewing to rate buying the dvd or the blueray disc.

jdnobody 7/17/2009 12:48:21 PM

I'm really surprised that there is  so little fan-fair for this.  I enjoyed the film, even with it's flaws and over-use of lens flairs.  I thought they did a pretty good job of giving us a look at younger versions of the characters you know.  Come on, who's to say Scotty wasn't a crack up when he was younger and then grew into the man we knew in the more recent films?  (Though his "Jar Jar" side kick was a little odd).

The whole "holographic tour" has me interested in, if nothing else, how it is going to work.  Nice added gimmick anyway...

kwsupes 7/18/2009 8:42:01 PM

I for one loved the movie and thought it was extremely well done. I thought it embodied the spirit of Star Trek and at the same time breathed some life into the old franchise. I thought all of the casting choices were excellent and can't wait to see what comes next.

AMiSHPiRATE 7/18/2009 11:44:02 PM

StarlightGuard & Hobbs, if we're just talking story and not execution then are we to forget about the original motion picture, five, generations, insurrection, and nemesis?  All of those were critically panned for their stories. 

As an origin story for the original trek crew (which we never got), what would you have changed?  And as a new trek movie intended to bridge a rebooted franchise to the old guard, where were its failings?  The Nimoy Spock plot was a decent continuation of the unresolved romulan/vulcan unification story we last saw him involved with in TNG.

Butch_home 7/20/2009 9:22:16 AM

Still the best movie I have seen this summer.

Still haven't seen "Moon" though and I am hearing some good things about that release.



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