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goirish83 11/27/2012 4:16:05 PM

@ lazarus.............GREAT POINT !!!

I guess I don't get the bitching about these movies, I am a Trekkie, from way back, and I loved the new movie.  I LOVE watching the original series, but a lot of the time I find myself saying "God I wish they would just let Captain Kirk go out and kick ass".  Some of those episodes are kind of boring.  Now, it looks like we are getting a movie where Kirk basically goes full on badass and defends the Federation...........and I cannot freaking wait to see it happen.

@ karas1........I sincerly hope you like the next movie just a little bit.

oh yeah....................and I hope there are Klingons in this movie too.

almostunbiased 11/27/2012 7:40:43 PM

Here Here!!!

Wiseguy 11/28/2012 5:11:54 AM

Although I agree with Karas bottom line to some degree the fact is that ST was dead in the waters and had been going in that direction for over a decade. JJ brought it back. Could the film had been more stimulating and cerebral? sure but I'll take a succesful and more action oriented ST than a cerebral yet failure one that would assure no more ST films.

Hopefully this one strikes that magical balance.

And Goldeneyes, totally agree. I recall reading somewhere by an insider describing the villain and he referenced Gary Mitchell along with a couple of others. I'm still hoping for Talosians to see JJ's  take on The Cage episode

karas1 11/28/2012 6:20:52 AM

Wise, the film wasn't just less cerebral than it could have been.  Abrams gave ST a lobotomy. 

It IS possible to have an interesting, thought provoking movie which also has a lot of kick butt action.  If you're going to spend 100 million dollars on a film, why not have a good script as well as good action and FX?

hanuman1966 11/28/2012 7:05:33 AM

The fleet is destroyed and the homeworld is imperiled, leaving one ship and one valiant captain to save the day. Awesome, cuz I love me some Battlestar Galactica. Oh, but wait, this is supposed to be a Star Trek movie. Will we see Spock in a band-aid eyepatch? But seriously, people, I tolerated the first film but it's hard to see this pointing in any direction for the franchise. It needs an arc, the way Star Trek films 2-4 had one. It's hard to sustain interest in these characters (or this particular incarnation of them) with these infrequent stand-alone films. And Quinto says he's out after this one anyway, so there's no point in getting too attached to the "new" Spock, which means a weak franchise since Spock has always been the brain of Star Trek and in many ways the heart as well. They would be better off to bring these characters back to television; there's more opportunity to develop the characters and universe in series television.

DarthBob 11/28/2012 7:12:59 AM

I like the new ST and it was epically better than ST: The ST TV Episode Drawn out to be a Dull Motion Picture, ST: The Boring Search for Spock, and ST: The Frontier That Was So Awful it Reduced Me to Tears.  Before JJ, ST wasn't even on life support; it was dead, gone, not here, pushing up the daises.

@wise...the Talosians would be cool, almost a Matrix kind of flavor for the The Cage episode.  I know most people are sick of the Borg, but I would love to see how the altered history would affect them; just not now, but a few movies down the road.

vagabondster 11/28/2012 7:26:07 AM

 Abrams take on ST was not a very good start. There were so many plot hols it in. He tried to take some familiar aspects of the series and add his own flavor and it didn't really work. ST was more than whizz-bang action scenes and explosions. Star Trek made you THINK. Star trek would bring up issues that are relevant today and will probably be so 100 years from now. Abrams Star Trek was not it.

redvector 11/28/2012 9:32:54 AM

I wouldn't be surprised if JJ bails on a third ST movie.

booker9172 11/28/2012 9:52:46 AM

I'm all for a new Star Trek movie.  However I would love to see them explore the Mirror Universe.  I think they could make a trilogy of movies about that which would be so cool.

SarcasticCaveman 11/28/2012 11:53:00 AM

 And I still hold that none of the previous Star Trek movies were all that cerebral.  You want cerebral, wait for the next TV series.  

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