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keithdaniel 12/13/2012 1:53:38 PM

Concerning the trailer, I agree with the many who are saying that it's Gary Mitchell, because it seems to me that only his character would have the power to subdue Starfleet!  It looks intriguing but I guess I'll learn more when I go see the Hobbit.

Anyway, I amazed to see that Kara has commented on a Star Trek thread without attacking the last ST from 2009!  LOL!!  However, after finally seeing it on bluray recently I can finally tell everyone here whether or not Kara is right about her condemnation of it!  LOL!!

JJ Abrams Star Trek (2009) visually speaking looked terrific, from the set designs, to the FX.  The monsters that had chased Kirk on the ice planet were well done but I wanted to see more of it in terms of action.

I also liked the cast, who I thought did a fairly good job in their characterizations of each role for the most part.  However, I didn't care for Urhura's romance with Spock, it didn't make any sense to me and felt that it should've been done with Kirk, who has much better chemistry with her and could've had what Han and Leia had in Star Wars.

I thought, story-wise it was a mixed bag.  The film had ideas including the time-travel element which I didn't mind and very much enjoyed the Leonard Nimoy angle as the senior Spock from the future.  But I didn't like the Romulan spin nor did I like the revenge aspect, it was way too thin.  It would've been better to have had the revenge theme only around a bigger and better story idea as to the motivations of the Romulans.

I also thought that most of the action was not necessarily bad but didn't wow me much, because it was either too average to me or it didn't last long enough.  I thought Kirk should've been shown to be a more skilled fighter not just a brawler.

I didn't like at all the shaky camera.  It didn't work and looks like the work of a director wanting to be hip.

Lastly, another issue I have is plausibility of certain events.  Now before I see more comments stating how that this is sc-fi and that we should suspend our disbelief, I'm well aware of that.  However, having Spock send Kirk away to the ice planet instead of simply throwing him in the brig doesn't seem logical (yes, pun intended!) and having the Enterprise escape so close from the event horizon of a black hole is too much of a stretch for me as well so I agree with Kara on those things.  But in sci-fi, I'm willing to believe that a black hole weapon is conceiveable and would easily destroy a planet including Vulcan.  Speaking of that planet's destruction, I thought that that was a very bad idea because Vulcan seems like such an interesting place to explore and I think JJ Abrams was shortsighted in having that done.  I too agree with some others who've stated that Kirk's rise from cadet to Captain was way too fast and I don't just mean that in plausibility terms but in creative terms.  In other words, I felt that it would've been better to have Kirk rise through the ranks over the course of at least 3 films to really see him earn that sort of senority over time.  Yes, I know he saved the Earth and one can make a case for that, however, I still think it would've been better at least story-wise to have that done over some time so we can really see his character develop into the Captaincy.  It was just too fast for me and it felt unnecessarily rushed by a director who just wanted Kirk to be Captain already! 

Overall, this movie was entertainign for the most part but could've been so much more and because I had too many issues with it wouldn't recommend it in theaters but for sure on video.

karas1 12/13/2012 8:29:25 PM

So... you agree with me?

You seem to take issue with many of the same points I made about the film.

vitieddie 12/14/2012 2:25:28 AM

I own JJA's Star Trek but that movie had too much ... u know ... flashy things in the background

Wiseguy 12/14/2012 4:54:13 AM

Just watched JJ's ST  again last night, it is sooooo good.

I love TOS but if we start applying some of the same questions and logic to the old shows and the films I'm sure we can find holes galore.

DarthoftheDead 12/14/2012 9:44:40 AM

 Just heard a disturbing Rumor......Peter Weller is Khan.......

DarthoftheDead 12/14/2012 9:45:54 AM

 If that has been mentioned by someone here already......please accept my apology.....

keithdaniel 12/14/2012 1:32:48 PM

Yes, my sweet Kara...I admit you're right...for once!!  Just teasing you, LOL!!  As hard as it is to believe we've found another issue to agree upon!  Yeah, JJ's Star Trek had to many issues for me so I can't give it a rating of above 2 or maybe 2 and a half stars out of four.  I expect not only a Star Trek movie but any movie in a similar vein to make more sense with it's story and characters because just being entertaining isn't enough in my book.  The comparison to the Star Wars prequels isn't a good one because that's space/fantasy/opera and one expects that universe to have technology to overcome nearly anything.  Besides, it's a universe which takes place "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away" and those films also had much better action and story ideas that intrigued me much more, despite their faults.  The script for Star Trek needed another rewrite including it's portrayal of the Romulans.  They should've been the highly disciplined, mysterious, and strategic adversaries I recall from TOS, not some ragtag, revenge-minded, lost villians that we were given. 

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