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Star Trek: New Voyages and the Nebula Conundrum

A look at the debate on James Cawley's fan fiction near collision

By Pat Ferrara     March 17, 2008

Viewpoints Critical: Selected Stories by L.E. Modesitt, Jr(2008).
© Tor Books

James Cawley, the man who moonlights as Capt. Kirk in his own fan venture Star Trek: New Voyages / Phase 2, is in a bit of a predicament after one of his online episodes caught the attention of the Science Fiction Writers of America. The script for “World Enough and Time” has been nominated for the 2007 Nebula Award; a move that, despite its good intentions, could have Cawley sitting in hot water with Gene Roddenberry’s estate, CBS Corp and Paramount Pictures.

Hello Maniacs and welcome to this week’s edition of the Buzz. More so than any other genre, science fiction has a knack for churning out franchises with broad fan appeal, and wherever there are die-hard fans there’s bound to be fan fiction and other forms of emulation. Though this kind of feedback really is the highest form of flattery, fan fiction can be a harsh mistress, causing authors and creators to respond with slaps on the wrist, chastising words, or even full-blown lawsuits. 

Back in 2002 Lucas clashed with fans over a Star Wars film contest and, more recently, J.K. Rowling has decided to sue the fan creators of a proposed “Harry Potter Lexicon” book, but Cawley’s position with Star Wars: New Voyages definitely takes the cake for unique fan fiction clashes.

The online Trek series, which premiered its first full-length episode in April of ‘04, enjoys a fair amount of freedom with CBS and Paramount Pictures because the fan site is just that, a fan site with no plans of generating profit off of its Trek-related material. When Marc Zicree’s and Michael Reaves’ screenplay for “World Enough and Time” was shortlisted for the Nebula, however, the impromptu fan production attained a new level of legitimacy virtually overnight.

Some members of the SFWA board questioned the script’s eligibility for the award, since a Nebula is only given to professional projects (and indeed, Zicree and Reaves’ screenplay is competing with other heavy-hitters: Guillermo del Toro’s PAN’S LABYRINTH, Alfonso Cuaron and co.’s CHILDREN OF MEN, the Nolan brother’s THE PRESTIGE, Wachowski’s V FOR VENDETTA, and Steven Moffat’s DOCTOR WHO episode “Blink”). But after some close scrutiny the board decided that “World Enough and Time” meets the professionalism guidelines as laid out in past interpretations of the rules. Not even a statement by Cawley himself decrying the show’s fan-based, amateur production status would change the SFWA’s mind.

Rather than back-pedal his way out of an ugly copyright infringement lawsuit, Cawley seems to be finding himself in a happy resolution to this Nebula conundrum. Though Paramount has yet to make an official statement on the fan show’s newfound award rank, the series creator seems to be in good graces with the high power pro co. A chance encounter with J.J. Abrams on the Paramount lot has turned the original Star Trek purist into a TREK XI supporter… and even landed him a role in the upcoming film.

It’d be more than a little tragic if James Cawley’s fan series got dismantled solely because it was nominated for an award, yet the time is coming when creators and distributors will draw very clear battle lines against fan fiction. Now that the major players have realized the profit potential of internet revenue, the next fan fiction run-in may not end so nicely.

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Moz72 3/17/2008 7:44:41 AM
If ST:New Voyages is really that good and is being recognized for such a prestigious award, maybe Paramount shound consider purchasing the online series and continue it with a studio budget and advertising, that way everybody gets paid and the fans continue to enjoy the series.
smegforbrain 3/17/2008 11:29:49 AM
There's no chance Paramount buys this with the intent of support it, Moz, not with a Trek film coming. In the end, they could try and shut this down as competition, even if it isn't for-profit, and they'd probably be well within their rights to do so.
kaybar 3/17/2008 12:28:05 PM
Yeah, I agree with smeg that they probably wouldn't bankroll this fan series with the new reboot coming, but Paramount also can't alienate a large part of their Star Trek fan base. New Voyages and the Phase II projects have garnered a lot of fans, in particular those fans who love the original 1966 series. Putting Cawley on Trek XI was a great idea, but I'm glad as hell JJ is the one in the director's chair. "World Enough and Time" got on the Nebula ballot pretty much due to a technicality (the definition of 'professional'), but I think the copyright argument should focus only on the money-making bit.
sportwarrior 3/18/2008 2:38:07 AM
I just tried watching the World Enough and Time episode... I couldn't get through 5 minutes of it. Terrible acting, terrible dialog... It was awful. I may have been able to swallow the pill if it weren't trying to be exactly like the original Star Trek, characters and all. It actually reminded me of all those roleplaying fantasy nerds that go around hitting eachother with swords and throwing lightning bolts in terrible costumes, but with higher production values.
kaybar 3/18/2008 11:03:06 AM
I've gotta agree sportwarrior, I tried watching it and it was more than a little painful, I couldn't get through it. The premise sounded interesting, kind of like a Tachyon Fringe-type plot that I remember an episode of TNG nailing, but their commitment to the original series is definitely their downfall. All they're doing is re-inventing the cheese factor, and not in a good way.


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