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Star Trek Scene It?

Are You the Biggest Trekkie on the Block?

By Robert T. Trate     April 17, 2009

Star Trek Scene It? is ready to beam down to your home.
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The new Star Trek movie is right around a corner. This new movie presents an interesting quagmire in that we can’t go back and watch the originals to prepare for it. We could but this new film by J.J. Abrams promises to start anew. Whether or not that is a good thing we’ll find out in the second week of May. There are a slew of Blu-rays coming out which hold some promise that the new Trek film will at least bring us something worthwhile if the new film bombs. The new action figures look cool (see first look here) but again, if the movie stinks what good are they?
The best Star Trek movie tie-in to hit the shelves, so far, is the one that makes you want to watch the original Star Treks all over again. Star Trek Scene It? really makes one understand the complexity and richness there is to the Star Trek Universe.
Immediately upon opening the box and laying out the game pieces I noticed there was no Deep Space Nine space station. Instead of Terok Nor you get the U.S.S. Defiant. I guess that makes sense because it is a ship and it moves, unlike a space station, but the show was called Deep Space Nine. The other missing game piece is the U.S.S. Enterprise NX-01 from Enterprise. It is the black sheep in the family but Scott Bakula appears on the box of the standard version edition so where is it?
The game consists of a 175 Trivia Cards and a DVD that has all sorts of clips from the movies and the TV shows. The big lure to the Scene It? games are of course the clips. The usual “My Play” and “All Play” options are available where one must answer a video question to proceed. When either of these is selected the players are taken to the bridge of the Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) where questions can be anything from identifying sounds, characters, ships and alien races. This might sound easy but for this Trekkie I found myself scratching my head and then slapping myself because I knew I should have known the answers. The other big monkey wrench in my plan to beat this game was that I underestimated how big the Star Trek universe was. Ten movies and five TV shows is a lot to remember. I’ve destroy people on Star Wars Scene It?, only 6 movies, but after playing Star Trek Scene It? I felt like a first year Star Fleet Cadet. Not immediately knowing the answers made it all the more fun.
By far the best and most challenging questions come when a captain finishes their log entry and you are prompted to identify the episode. Another great feature to this game is the tie breaker. Players take turns shooting torpedoes at a Romulan Warbird to decide who wins the turn. It is a bit crude in its execution but a fun way to resolve “what was the name of the treaty between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire mentioned in the Defector episode of the Next Generation”?
There are few things that the makers of the game missed the boat on. There is an incredibly annoying piece of music that plays on the main screen for the DVD. They should have just played the bridge sound effects. They are there but that music becomes excruciating to listen to over and over again. The game is also narrated with a voice that sounds identical to the late Majel Barrett. It is close but Trekkies will notice the difference. This game has been in the works for a while and it really needed her voice to ask the questions. Then again perhaps she was too ill to record the questions. Fans of the Star Trek The Animated Series will also be disappointed as there are no questions from this show. Finally, with 175 cards and three questions on each there should never be a question about something other than Star Trek. There were a few questions that tied in well but weren’t necessary. Nor should the final questions to win the game be easy. I had to identify a picture of a character to win the game. Where earlier I had this question to move one space forward, “Including the movies how many actors have played different versions of Jean-Luc Picard?”
Trekkies and Trekkers will love squaring off against each other to see who has the pointiest ears. Fans of the movies and TV series will kick themselves as their memories will only return after they hear the answers. This was a fun game and a great way to appreciate the complexity and richness of the Star Trek universe. Hopefully the new movie will do more of the same.


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