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Star Trek Sequel Begins Production

Production has begun for J.J. Abrams' Star Trek sequel.

By Jarrod Sarafin     January 16, 2012
Source: Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures announced that principal photography has commenced in Los Angeles, CA on the sequel to Star Trek from director J.J. Abrams. The film will be released on May 17, 2013 in 3D. The 2009 re-launch of the "Star Trek" franchise by Abrams was met with critical acclaim and a worldwide gross of over $385 million at the box office.

Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions present a Bad Robot Production of a J.J. Abrams Film. Returning to their posts on the Enterprise are John Cho, Bruce Greenwood, Simon Pegg, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, and Anton Yelchin. They are joined by new cast members Benedict Cumberbatch, Alice Eve and Peter Weller.

Based upon "Star Trek" created by Gene Roddenberry, the film is produced by J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, Damon Lindelof, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. The script was written by Alex Kurtzman & Robert Orci & Damon Lindelof.

Jeffrey Chernov, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and Paul Schwake are the executive producers. The director of photography is Dan Mindel, ASC, BSC. The production designer is Scott Chambliss. The film is edited by Maryann Brandon, A.C.E. and Mary Jo Markey, A.C.E. The costume designer is Michael Kaplan. The music is by Michael Giacchino.



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raa2001 1/16/2012 10:00:30 AM

 bout time!

Riddick316 1/16/2012 11:04:09 AM



EagleManiac 1/16/2012 1:23:19 PM


ztigr 1/16/2012 1:28:57 PM

 The good thing about Star Trek is that it is completely American, the bad thing for Star Trek films is that they have less foreign box office appeal.  

ztigr 1/16/2012 1:28:57 PM

 The good thing about Star Trek is that it is completely American, the bad thing for Star Trek films is that they have less foreign box office appeal.  

almostunbiased 1/16/2012 2:36:23 PM

ALICE EVE!!!!!!!!! Oh yea and I love Star Strek too.

guateke 1/16/2012 4:41:18 PM

  @ztigr: With all due respect, the fact that something is made in the USA doesn't automatically make it better. In case you don't know this, America is a region of Earth that includes two continents and over 30 countries; one of which, happens to be the United States. More so, Star Trek has a wide international appeal precisely because, as demonstrated by the diversity of the Enterprises crew, Rodenberry's vision of the future is an INCLUSIVE one. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the The United States is not the center of the universe, much less the world. :D

SmokingFrog77 1/16/2012 4:58:13 PM

Plus Jean-Luc Picard - the most awesome dude ever to pull on velour in the Star Trek universe - is a Frenchman played by an English actor - can't get much less American than that.

JacenBlade 1/16/2012 6:15:38 PM

GUATEKE, I find that usually when someone starts a statement "With all due respect" they usually follow it up with some boorish, opinion given in an elitist and condescending manner.  sorry to burst YOUR bubble.    ztigr was simply stating  a personal preference, not a jingoistic declaration.  Don't hate.  Your apparent disdain for the USA would be better served on a political website.

              I am so so stoked for this movie to be completed.  I thought the first JJ Abrams Star Trek film was the best movie of 2009.  I like the way they can take it in any direction they want but kept (IMHO) the best aspect of all Star Trek incarnations, the relationships and camaraderie amongst the characters.  With the first film they tackled the biggest obstacle they faced: finding charasmatic actors to interpret the roles that was respectful to the originals and still bring something new.  Can't wait.

Dodgyb2001 1/16/2012 7:27:02 PM

Umm, the whole point of the Enterprise having an international crew so as to display a humanity coming together in the future and then having someone say it's good because it's completely American seems a bit at odds....

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